Mar 28, 2017 / by Adelle Archer

Today, TrendKite announces our new Adobe Analytics integration, allowing enterprise teams to more thoroughly report on website traffic driven by PR. AA_BlogImage.jpg

"As TrendKite continues to focus on helping our customers quantify the full impact of their PR Programs, Adobe Analytics integration is a big step forward." Erik Huddleston, CEO of TrendKite, continues, "If your company views digital, lead generation, or ecommerce as strategic objectives, you need that data integrated into your PR measurement strategy."

Rather than relying on a data team to conduct a manual analysis of referral traffic, PR teams now have this data at their fingertips so they can take action based on analysis of their full digital impact:

  • Website traffic from PR articles
  • Audience engagement and time spent on website
  • Conversions driven by PR
  • Bottom-line impact: revenue or donations stemming from PR

PR's Massive Digital Impact

Large companies like Lenovo, Scottrade, and Hyatt Hotels have powerful PR teams and a strong brand voice, so you can be certain with all the press their PR function generates, they drive a lot of readers back to their company’s website to learn more.

For example, imagine you were skimming the blog Boarding Area, and read an article about Hyatt’s new hotel in Taipei, touted to be the newest and most luxurious hotel in Taiwan. The article offers you a link to click through to view the property’s website to get a full tour. If the article was well written, you definitely visited the site to learn more. Out of a highly qualified audience of 28,000 readers, Boarding Area probably sent about 1% of them to the Grand Hyatt Taipei website - that's about 280 people. If the hotel has a website conversion rate of 3% and an average guest value of $975, that one PR article brought in 8 new guests for $7,800 in revenue.


This should go straight to the win column for the PR team!

Imagine with the aggregate amount of stories the Hyatt PR team generates, how many people must be reading them, and then visiting Hyatt websites to take further action. Today’s PR pro knows how to track, analyze, and take credit for the website traffic, conversions, and revenue they drive.

PR + Adobe Analytics

To do a proper analysis of PR traffic, you need to go into your website analytics and sift through a huge bucket of websites that are all driving traffic to your company’s site to determine which of those URLs belongs to PR articles. Unfortunately, for large enterprises, this kind of analysis of PR is impossible given the volume of press and website traffic you receive. It doesn’t matter how much your data team likes you, they are not going to go through hundreds of thousands of “referral URLs” and identify which are PR articles.
AA_BlogImage 3.jpgThis is why TrendKite built an integration with Adobe Analytics, to automate PR web traffic analysis for enterprises. With read-only access into your Adobe Analytics, TrendKite can quickly separate out the URLs that belong to PR articles and automatically report their impact. Once integrated, TrendKite helps you make definitive statements like, “PR drove 10% of overall website traffic,” and then shows you every article driving conversions and revenue.

Tell PR's Impact Story, Using Website Analytics

There are some core metrics you can get from your website analytics that will help strengthen the case for PR to your C-suite.
AA_BlogImage 2.jpgAcquisition
The primary goal for every company is acquiring business from existing and new customers. Website traffic driven from PR shows PR contribution towards this goal, and is a particularly powerful metric when reporting on a campaign.

Ownership: “Our coverage around the spring fashion line drove 3,000 new visitors to the campaign page.”

Behavioral metrics show how engaged of an audience you drove back to your site.

Ownership: “Visitors from PR spent twice as much time on our website as other types of visitors, showing they are more qualified and engaged after reading our press coverage.”

Conversion metrics show PR’s impact on bottom-line metrics. This is what your C-suite really, really cares about.

Ownership: “We saw 100 people enter the checkout flow and 80 of them complete an order, resulting in $12,000 in revenue as a result of our product launch PR coverage.”

Cutting-edge Enterprises using TrendKite’s Adobe Analytics Integration

Already, some of the world's biggest brands are using TrendKite’s Adobe Analytics integration to measure the digital impact of their PR efforts. Early adopters include Western Union, Dollar Shave Club, and Esri.

“PR isn’t this abstract marketing effort anymore,” said Cameron Lowe, Corporate Communications, Esri. “PR professionals are starting to make data-driven decisions to understand their audiences better as well as know the right media outlets to target. One way we are doing this is using the Adobe Analytics integration within Trendkite.”

Interested to see TrendKite’s new Adobe Analytics integration in action? Get in touch and we can give you a custom demo with your PR coverage. 

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