Apr 21, 2017 / by Susan Guillory

If you’re lucky, there are folks who love what you’re doing as a business. People who are chomping at the bit to get your next product before it’s even released. Customers who are quick to tell all their friends and social networks how much they adore your brand.

I call these brand fanatics.



Now, these people may be willing to spread the word about your brand for you, but in my experience, a little nurturing of that relationship never hurts. Here’s how you can strengthen the bond with the people who love you.

1. Acknowledge Them

Every time someone mentions your brand on social media or a blog, it’s up to you to respond. It’s quick and easy to say “thanks for the mention,” and doing so can really cement the relationship you have with each and every fanatic who’s talking about you positively.

2. Give Them Exclusive Access

Imagine someone who loves your products getting a sneak peek or early access to your next product. How do you think they will react? They’re certain to gush about you to their network and further help you promote your brand. By creating an exclusive “club” of your fanatics, you’re telling them that they’re important enough to you to see what no other customers get to see.

3. Make Them VIP Customers

Beyond giving fanatics exclusive access, you can also create a tier of customer (think of Sephora’s VIB program) that gets extra perks and benefits. What should you offer? Free and fast shipping, extra discounts, and the ability to access your sales before others.

4. Share Their Content

Social media is all about goodwill, and while your fanatics are happy to share what you’re posting, make sure to reciprocate. If they share an interesting post or status update, make sure to like and share it when relevant.

5. Ask for Their Feedback

I guarantee, your brand evangelists would love to give you their thoughts on your products. Invite them first to participate in surveys and focus groups, since they’ll be the ones who know your products best and can make suggestions for improvement.

The key to successfully working with the folks that love your brand is to think of them. Find ways to make them feel special and included, and then pay attention to how they talk up your brand online and support that. A solid relationship with a brand fanatic could last for years!

Images: Pixabay

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