PR 101: How to Pitch Fashion Bloggers

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It is no secret that fashion blogs have become lucrative real estate for PR professionals. Fashion bloggers generate not only visual and social buzz for a brand but often drive more traffic and attention to what you are promoting than traditional media, due to the organic and personalized voice of a blogger.

So how do you capture the attention of a fashion blogger with your pitch? We tapped into Cision’s influencer database to come up with five of the most important pitching tips you should know when working with fashion bloggers.

1. Know Who You Are Pitching

Yes, this might be the oldest tip in the book but it is crucial to understand right off the bat that fashion bloggers are not fashion editors or traditional media, so be sure to tailor your pitch accordingly.

Fashion bloggers prefer a more personalized pitch that allows them to understand that you have paid attention to who they are, what their voice is and why your brand fits their audience. Trying to build a more personalized relationship with bloggers is a must, and starting your pitch with “Dear Blogger” will ensure your email ends up in the trash.

2. Offer Compensation

One of the biggest pet peeves of fashion bloggers is the fact that most PR professionals assume a blogger will work for free. It is important for brands to understand that bloggers put an incredible amount of passion, dedication and work into their blogs, so you need to understand the difference between paid and earned influencer relationships. This is valid for big fashion influencers and smaller blogs alike.

3. Offer Partnerships to Less Influential Bloggers

Many brands do offer partnerships to fashion bloggers, but most do so with the top bloggers in the U.S. But, why would you want to limit your brand’s potential reach?

Yes, influencers with a million followers are very important, but targeting smaller bloggers will only increase the exposure of what you are pitching. You will also create relationships with bloggers who may become more influential over time. Additionally, niche fashion blogs may be more willing to work with you. Sure, the audience may be smaller, but they are likely more engaged.

4. An Event Appearance Does Not Gurantee a Blog Post

A pet peeve of fashion bloggers is the fact that most PR professionals assume — and sometimes demand — that if a blogger is invited to an industry event there will be an automatic blog post about it. Don’t assume that will be the case. You wouldn’t put the same conditions on inviting fashion editors and traditional media, right?

Most bloggers attend events for networking purposes which is just as important for you as a PR professional. Focus on building relationships with them, and the content will follow.

5. Offer Social Media Support

If you  end up working with a fashion blogger, you should offer social media support. Tweeting, sharing and posting their content on Instagram will go a long way. It not only cultivates the relationship between you and the fashion blogger but also builds trust and dedication.

Want to learn more about how to target fashion influencers? Then download our free Fashion and Beauty Pitching Kit!

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