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In 2017, we elevated TrendKite to a new level of innovation with products like Pinpoint Contacts, PR Attribution and over 40 other platform improvements. We’ve spoken with customers who are using the platform in incredible ways with incredible results, here is a quick refresh of our top 5 most-used new product features:


1. Pinpoint Contacts: Media Contacts as Fresh as Today’s Headlines  Learn More >>

2. PR Attribution: Expose the Dark Web Data of PR  Learn More >>

3. New Partnerships Provide Even More Access to Great Content  Learn More >>

4. More Ways to Keep up With Coverage  Learn More >>

5. Measure What Matters to You: New Metrics & Streamlined Processes  Learn More >>




1. Pinpoint Contacts: Media Contacts as Fresh as Today’s Headlines

Discover New Influencers and Precisely Target Journalists by Interest

In any PR practitioner’s top five most challenging tasks is always identifying the right contacts, influencers, and journalists AND keeping up with their workload. Using an old-school media-database is like using the yellow pages – it’s not effective in today’s fast-moving world. TrendKite’s Pinpoint Contacts solution modernizes media contact identification and research with an analytics-driven personal discovery engine to find journalists writing on topics that matter to your business in real-time. Hyper-target influencers and journalists you may never have found to deliver relevant and timely pitches faster than ever.


For an event like SXSW with over 24 programming tracks, developing relationships with journalists in each of area is crucial to our event. The Pinpoint Contacts discovery engine enables us to uncover new journalists focused on niche topics and expand our network.

-- Brett Cannon, Senior Publicist, SXSW


Watch the short demo video below to see Pinpoint Contacts in action.






2. PR Attribution: Expose the Dark Web Data of PR

Measure Visitors Coming to Your Website from Earned Media; No Backlink Needed!


PR Attribution shines a bright light on the dark data of website traffic. Before the launch of PR Attribution, PR professionals could only measure website traffic from a media mention if they secured a backlink in the article and had their web analytics platform configured correctly. For the first time ever, you can show the true business value of your hard-earned media mentions & know which articles and journalists are driving website visits, goal conversions and even sales.


We launched PR Attribution a few months ago and it’s already the talk of the town. But don’t take our word for it:


TrendKite’s new PR Attribution feature is helping us determine key content and publications that are driving traffic to our front door – our company website, helping us improve on how we welcome our guests and invite them to stay for a while.

-- Sarah Dull, Reputation Manager, Hershey’s



Watch the webinar below to learn more about the Dark Data of PR.





3. New Partnerships Provide Even More Access to Great Content

Monitor More Premium Paywall, Print & Broadcast Mentions Access

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound? Yeah, we don’t know the answer to that question either, but we’re making it less likely you’ll ever have to worry about applying that brain teaser to your PR. This year we established new partnerships to get you access to thousands of premium and print publications and new options for your broadcast monitoring and analysis needs.


Using TrendKite has helped us create a complete picture of all our print and digital coverage about Greenville, SC. It has never been easier to hone in on the highest quality coverage.

-- Stephanie Thorn, Leisure Travel Marketing Manager, VisitGreenville




4. More Ways to Keep up With Coverage

Real-Time Coverage Alerts & Author Alerts

Alerts to new mentions are key to just about every communications professional’s job – without them, we’d all be lost. To compliment our Spike Alerts and Daily/Weekly summaries we added Real-Time and Author Alerts. Now you can be notified immediately about the coverage you care about to head off a crisis or maybe just do a happy dance at your latest tier 1 story! Author alerts help you identify new key influencers while keeping in touch with journalists that matter to your business or clients by notifying you and your team anytime they publish a new story – pretty neat, eh?


As a data-centric startup, having the ability to access real-time earned media metrics allows us to craft effective outreach strategies, report on results, and adjust on the fly to produce greater coverage.

-- Craig Hancock, CEO, RealMassive




5. Measure What Matters to You: Better Metrics & Faster Insights

Optimize Your Strategy & Prove the ROI of PR Spend


What would PR be without measurement? Probably a lot like Joanie without Chachi. A Romeo without Juliet. A Kim without Kanye. We get it – we’re measurement company at our core and LOVE our metrics, that is why we were the first PR Software to integrate with Google Analytics. As part of our commitment to helping PR pros understand the value they drive, we added an slew of new features to help you measure your Brand Impact, Digital Impact and Bottom Line Impact of media mentions.


We can track things like dedicated PR website traffic, key messages, share of voice, and now rate publications using the SEO impact score to help us target journalists for upcoming campaigns. The continuous improvements to the platform gives us PR analytics to deliver strong and tangible results.

-- Errol Jayawardene, Digital Director, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry


Faster Dashboard Creation & Improved Web Metrics

Last year we added Similar Web web metrics to give you the best-in-class information about media site visitors so you can quantify the reach of your earned media. And, to make your life that much easier, we made duplicating your favorite TrendKite Dashboards and Widgets just a click or two away. Now you can quickly use your favorite dashboards for new topics, campaigns or messages to react to those ever-changing needs and demands in just minutes.


Create A Data Driven PR Strategy


Adobe Analytics Integration

Building upon the success of our best in class integration with Google Analytics, we added an integration with Adobe Analytics allowing enterprise PR teams to thoroughly report on website traffic driven by your Earned Media. Using referral traffic data, Adobe Analytics customers can report on traffic driven by earned media and prove the value of that traffic right in the TrendKite platform.


PR isn’t this abstract marketing effort anymore. PR professionals are starting to make data-driven decisions to understand their audiences better as well as know the right media outlets to target. One way we are doing this is using the Adobe Analytics integration within TrendKite.

-- Cameron Lowe, Corporate Communications, Esri



Watch the webinar below to learn more about our Adobe Analytics Integration.




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