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Editor's Note: A version of this post was first published on the MultiVu blog

You’re planning a series of radio interviews for your spokesperson — this is big, no wait.... this is huge! Radio is an outstanding medium to reach millions of listeners to effectively get your brand messages across. It’s convenient with no travel required — all you need is a phone. But, with no cameras in sight, you may be wondering the best way to prepare your spokesperson.

Well, you’re not alone. This is a popular question among those who are preparing their spokesperson to partake in a radio media tour.

Following are eight tips to help prepare for your radio media tour. 

1. Use a Landline

Vintage Retro Landline Phone closeup

Dialing from a landline ensures better quality and prevents the call from dropping. Avoid cellphones and speakerphones.

2. Shhh! Do Not Disturb

hand placing red do not disturb sign on handle of hotel room door

You want to be able to hear and speak, so choose a spot that’s quiet and comfortable with no echo. Avoid loud distractions. Turn off any loud appliances or electronics.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice speaking through message points ahead of time and be prepared to answer the suggested questions on the media advisory. Be concise and keep the message positive! Don’t sound too rehearsed, otherwise, it’ll sound like a commercial. Make the interview sound organic.

4. Keep Handy Notes

Close-up of hand writing down notes in notepad

Have organized notes in front of you with brief points you need to get across—this will help to keep on track. You can write down statistics (but don’t use too many, otherwise it’ll overwhelm listeners). This will help in case you forget anything important

5. Speak Naturally

Speak slow and clearly. Use more voice intonation. Use facial expressions and hand gestures. You won’t be seen, but your enthusiasm and personality for the topic will come across better. Engage your audience!

6. Take a Deep Breath

Stand, stretch, do some breathing before the interview starts. You want to be cool, calm, and collected before your interview begins.

7. Drink H2O

Have some water nearby in case you get thirsty or throat becomes dry.

8. Be Confident

Everyone loves confidence, it goes a long way! Showing uncertainty in your voice can affect credibility. Believe in yourself, and what you’re saying!

And lastly, just remember that although listeners can’t see you, they can still hear you. It’s important to be fully rested so get a good night’s sleep! This will ensure you’re fully focused, energized, and prepared for the radio media tour. Good luck!

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Diana graduated from William Paterson University, with a B.A in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations. Diana is also fluent in Spanish and studied French for four years. She particularly loves traveling across the world and exploring different cultures, food, fashion, and languages.

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