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If you are not analyzing social data, you are missing an opportunity to generate insights faster and at a lesser cost than through alternatives such as surveys, focus groups and case studies. The ability to quickly access this type of data enables you to evolve campaigns to drive further engagement with target audiences proactively.

About 58 percent of brands don’t know what people do after they consume their content and two-thirds don’t have insights into audience behavior. When bearing in mind that social is only continuing to grow, there is a clear need for a social media monitoring tool to help navigate this complex landscape.

So, what do you need to do to make sure your comms teams are utilizing social in the right ways? Understanding what actions, attitudes and perceptions exist and how they shift concerning particular campaigns or initiatives help inform strategic planning. Furthermore, this type of insight starts to answer some larger marketing and PR questions.

What Content Drives Engagement, Interaction And Behaviors?

To fully take advantage of social insights to inform ongoing campaigns you need to be able to benchmark the kind of content that is driving audience engagement and interaction. Doing so requires the ability to listen across social channels to understand what conversations around your brand, products, or messages are driving engagement. It also requires the ability to quantify and analyze these metrics, which will enable comms teams to show value behind specific campaigns.  

The ability to listen and analyze engagement metrics across social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, alongside the rest of the earned media landscape is essential in providing a holistic view of campaign performance. For analysis purposes, automating reporting to categorize mentions, engagements and top authors by company, product, messages and any other preferred category help to save time and gain targeted insights. Lastly, tools that can help to tie social engagement metrics back to online articles begin to showcase how traditional content resonates through social channels.


What is The Overall Audience Perception of a Campaign or Product Launch?

Beyond simple engagement metrics, social perception is a huge point of analysis that can’t be overlooked by PR and comms professionals. Understanding social context and being able to dissect things like negative mentions around your new product release or announcement can offer insight into what resonates with your audience and why.

For example, Cision offers advanced machine learning through its auto sentiment capabilities that systematically measure the emotional tone of content to understand the public’s reaction to announcements that can have a measurable financial impact on business and brand reputation. With the ability to accurately identify nouns and capture emotional context on multiple subjects, comms teams can automate the process of determining the emotional reaction of a PR or communications campaign.


Who Are The Right Social Influencers to Engage With?

In the world of the communications, social analysis needs to be considered not just from a monitoring and listening perspective, but from an outreach perspective as well. Social influencers are playing an increasing role in how brand and audience perception are shaped. Being able to leverage these influencers in their niche spaces enables your teams to tap into loyal audiences that are more likely to purchase, or at least consider your brand or product over others.

Vendors in the social space need to consistently bring innovations to the way the industry looks at an integrated communications cloud for the modern PR professional. Monitoring and analyzing social conversations are no doubt critical but being able to identify and engage with social influencers quickly is necessary for completing the communications workflow. Tools like Cision’s Social Influencer Discovery enable comms teams to identify potential influencers for your brand by analyzing metrics around follower count, subject influencer rankings, and insights into communication style and target mediums to help complete the communications cycle in the social landscape.

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