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TrendKite Employee Resource Groups Philanthropy

Wonder what it's like to work at TrendKite? We recently launched several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a way for employees to collaborate on projects around causes that are important to them. The groups each have an executive sponsor and receive funding from TrendKite to expand the impact of their projects. 

Currently we have groups focused around Philanthropy, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Tech, and Wellness. 

Each quarter we're going to highlight a different ERG here on PR Forward and who better to start with in this season of giving than Philanthropy? So we sat down with the Philanthropy group leaders, Logan McKee and Steven Novak. 

What made you want to take on running this ERG? 

Logan: I have always been excited to give back, and I figured one of the best ways to get to know new people and do some good, is to help run this Philanthropy ERG. Leading a team of people who are ready and willing to give back to the community is an exciting task. I wanted to surround myself with people who want to make a difference. 

Steven: I did some philanthropy work in college but never continued it after I graduated. A thought came to me one day recently that I do a lot for myself, but not really for anyone else. If I were in the situation that some of these people we're helping are in, I would want someone to help me!

What made you choose the projects you have so far for the group? 

Logan: Each member of the team had some great ideas and suggestions of ways we can give back. I wanted to make sure we found something that most people were excited about. I wanted to choose a charity that would keep the most group members engaged and motivated to help.

Steven: Our team decided we wanted to help children this holiday season. We did a group vote and chose the Ronald McDonald House for our charity of choice due to strong recognition and trust of the name.

What do you have planned for the future? 

Logan: I am looking to find projects that are hands-on and require teamwork. I think it would be in the ERG’s best interest to do something that brings the company closer together. There are some great charities around Austin that we can all contribute to.

Personally, I have started project of my own to build/renovate a rural school in Zambia. My wife and I are planning on traveling to Zambia next year to provide school supplies and better infrastructure to the kids out there.

Steven: We plan to help more charities in and around the Austin area, helping as many people as possible!

How do you feel groups like this ERG support corporate social responsibility? 

Logan: I feel like the philanthropy ERG could act as the definition for corporate social responsibility. We have tools and resources at our disposal to help the lives of others. It is an exciting opportunity for us all to do projects we otherwise couldn’t do. 

Steven: In a nutshell, I feel that companies that bring in a high revenue, have a responsibility to give some of that back to the community it operates in.

How would you like to see both your team and/or TrendKite extend involvement in #GivingTuesday in the future? 

[Editor's note: This year we highlighted the amazing work some of our customers do not only on #GivingTuesday, but every day.] 

Logan: I’m all about hands-on experiences. I think that giving is great, but putting in some meaningful work is key to really feeling like you have made an impact. I would like to see TrendKite and the philanthropy ERG not only raising money, but spending time together with whatever charitable organization/project we are involved in.

Steven: It is amazing what we have been able to accomplish at this small beginning in such a little amount of time. I can see big things in the near future for this team and the company as a whole. We hope to help more causes and continue to positively grow in our community service.

A big thank you to Logan and Steven for their work on the Philanthropy ERG and for taking the time to do this interview! 

And if you're interested in working at TrendKite, we're hiring

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