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You get a lot of things you don’t want for the holidays (thanks for those six sets of socks, Great Aunt Mildred) so how about asking your boss for something you do want? Because here at Cision we are all about giving gifts, especially those that make your life easier.

So settle in for our seasonal tale, and here’s to hoping you get what you wished for as well!  
T’was the start of the holiday season, and of course there was chaos throughout the PR and marketing floor. 

I was given the task to start planning our content and social media marketing strategy for the next year. I sat down wondering, “How on earth will I get organized in advanced?!” Puzzled, I asked my boss for some insight, and she said to me, “On the first day of the holiday season here is something more useful than a partridge in a pear tree: Cision’s 2020 Editorial Content Calendar.” 

While planning for 2020, I realized I needed to look at real data for the work we produced this year. Something that outlines how to organize communication goals and uses data. I asked my boss where I could even start to find such a thing, and she said to me, “On the second day of the holiday season, here’s something more useful than two turtle doves: Cision’s Communicators Funnel, the only framework for measuring PR’s impact on the bottom line.” 

I finally felt like I had a good handle on my 2020 planning! My calendar was looking full and I had an idea of our data. But what was I missing? I overheard my co-workers talking about their favorite social media influencers and it hit me; I needed a social and influencer marketing strategy for next year. Of course, I had no idea where to start. Social media is such a HUGE aspect of the PR strategy, I didn’t want to mess this up. I asked my boss if she knew of some sort of guide that could help me identify key influencers for our target audience and she said to me, “On the third day of the holiday season, here is something more useful than three French hens: The Social Media and Influencer Marketing for PR eBook from Cision.” 

I was on a roll, especially with it being the start of the season. I had the people we can work with all figured out now that I had those resources. But then it dawned on me: How will I pitch to them? How will I know the right things to say? If only I had key insights from people in those actual industries on how they would like to be pitched. I knew it was going to take me a couple of days to figure out how to pitch to people in key industries. I asked my boss where to begin and she said to me, “On the fourth, fifth, and sixth day of the holiday season, here are Cision’s pitching kits: Fashion, Travel and Automotive to be exact. No calling birds, golden rings, or goose eggs.” 

I was much more confident after reading those pitching tips. I mean, they had everything in there. I knew my audience and I knew exactly how to pitch them, but something was still missing.  How would I know the value of my efforts once I tapped those industry experts in our future campaigns? I needed some sort of platform where I could measure all of this. I asked my boss if they knew of a such thing. On the seventh day of the holiday season, my boss gave me the gift on Cision Global Insights (which was again much more useful than seven more birds). 

I felt much more at ease now that I had Insights to help me measure my efforts. As the holiday season continued and planning was becoming more stressful, I realized that I needed to do more than just target audiences, plan with a calendar, and investigate social. I still needed to figure out how to attribute value and earned media coverage of our brand. I asked my boss how this would be possible, and on the eighth day of the holiday season, my boss gave me the gift of Cision Analytics, which is good because we definitely did not have the budget to hire eight milk maids. 

Cision Analytics was a huge help. Everything I needed to see was in one place (from earned media to website analytics and campaign reporting). All I needed from there was to see how to target the right contacts, how to monitor those contacts, and the ability to attribute that coverage. I knew just the person to ask and went to my boss to see if they knew where I could find all of this in one platform. This was going to take a few days of work, so on the ninth and 10th day of the holiday season my boss gave me the gift of Cision’s Communications Cloud. (After that, the nine ladies dancing and 10 lords-a-leaping were the rest of the marketing department, when they found out what we could measure! And it might have also been the eggnog at the holiday party.)

I was starting to see a patter; Cision really had all the answers to my needs. Whether it was their free resources or their actual products, my planning for the year was looking great with the help of everything they have to offer. The last thing on my planning list was to figure out the best way to put out our own press releases while being able to measure success with tailored reports. I asked my boss to give me any insight on how to make this happen. It was on the 11th day of the holiday season that my boss gave me the gift of Cision Distribution by PR Newswire (the press releases are the pipers piping).

It was the end of the holiday planning season, and if there was one thing I learned, it was that holiday planning is a lot! I asked my boss is there was anything else I needed before the year was up. With a puzzled look and a deep sigh, I was told to head back to my desk to check my email.  As I went back to see what was in my inbox, I saw my last and final gift. On the 12th day of the holiday season my boss gave me the gift of a Cision sales rep’s number to send to all of my friends to set up a demo for themselves. 

And I did enough happy little drumming on my way out of the office for 12 drummers, indeed. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Cision, to you and yours! 


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