Cision Announces SEEK OR SHOUT Content Collaboration Community for Journalists, Bloggers, Freelancers and Communicators

CHICAGO, April 19, 2012   Cision, the leading provider of PR software, services and tools for the marketing and public relations industry, today announced Seek or Shout(, a new online community that enables all content creators   journalists, bloggers, freelancers, and PR and marketing professionals   to collaborate with maximum productivity, immediacy and relevance.

Seek or Shout lets users seek expert sources to interview, products to review, and story ideas for content they re creating. It also lets them shout to share their content   stories, blog posts, and campaigns   with people who follow them or are interested in the topics that they write or post about.

It also gives content creators a central profile for collaborating with each other and with brands. They can clearly define their topics of interest, background, deadlines and needs   and  take back  their inbox to reduce unwanted and irrelevant story pitches or proposals.

 Seek or Shout is designed for a new breed of content creators for whom sharing and collaborating is second nature  said Peter Granat, Chief Executive Officer of Cision North America.  The social web is blurring the lines between journalists, bloggers, and all content contributors   creating tens of millions of online influencers and making every company a publisher. 

 Today, many content creators wear multiple hats:  traditional  journalist, blogger, social media influencer, freelance writer, or developer of branded content. Seek or Shout is designed to offer this creative community the easiest and most productive way to find sources and information, develop ideas into stories, seek freelance opportunities, and share successes,  he said.

Seek or Shout was refined and enhanced by Cision based on feedback furnished by content creators during an extensive Beta test process. It enables users to:

  • Seek story ideas, experts and background information   or products to review   for an upcoming news article or blog post. They also can solicit freelance opportunities. Users can request information anonymously, or syndicate requests to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for wider response.
  • Shout about their latest content, campaign or product. Their followers, and users who are interested in the tags placed on  Shouts,  will automatically see them in their news feeds.
  • Define their interests and create and manage their profiles, to get the information they need and reduce off-topic messages.
  • Communicate privately with other users about stories they are pursuing or developing. Private messages to followers are free.


About Cision
Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today s communications, social media and content marketing professionals. Offering the industry s most comprehensive PR and social software, rich analytics and a Global Insights team, Cision enables clients to improve their marketing and strengthen data-driven decision making. Cision also represents the Gorkana Group, PRWeb, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and iContact brands. Headquartered in Chicago, Cision has over 100,000 customers worldwide and maintains offices in Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter.