Eight Great Ways to Generate Publicity  White Paper Helps Brands Stay Newsworthy

Vocus report offers eight tips to generate constant publicity when newsworthy topics are scarce

Vocus, a leading provider of cloud-based public relations and marketing software, today published the  Eight Great Ways to Generate Publicity  white paper. With this resource, public relations (PR) practitioners will learn how to consistently generate media coverage when there are no announcements to release, such as a product launch or major company news. Through creative tactics such as newsjacking, leveraging user-generated content and creating controversy, practitioners can secure interest from reporters and influencers.

Public relations practitioners are tasked with creating newsworthy content on a consistent basis. To capture the attention of the media and influencers, they need to provide fresh content.

 You can t pitch journalists the same monotonous updates and expect results,  said Vocus Senior VP of Marketing and Product Management Mark Thabit.  To remain relevant to reporters, creativity is a must. Whether it s sparking a little controversy or using customers for a human interest angle, Vocus  new white paper provides expert tips to help practitioners infuse creativity in their media relations strategy to secure coverage during news lulls. 

Explained in greater detail within the white paper, the eight paths to generate media coverage include:

  • Newsjacking
  • Live streaming an event
  • Placing your product in remarkable places
  • Giving influencers a first look at a new product or service
  • Using user-generated content (UGC)
  • Turning case studies into multi-faceted press machines
  • Creating controversy
  • Being an advocate

Vocus   Eight Great Ways to Generate Publicity  white paper is available as a free download here.

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