Vocus  Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers on Social Media Released

Analyzing relevancy, reach, engagement and cone of influence, Vocus selects the top email marketing gurus

Vocus, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based public relations and marketing software, today announced its 2014 Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers on Social Media.

Influencers featured on the list scored the highest for relevancy (the volume of on-topic tweets related to email marketing), timeliness (recent tweets related to email marketing), reach (social followers), engagement (average number of retweets and replies per tweet), and cone of influence (connection to other email marketers in the industry).

The list includes influencers globally representing eight countries, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Israel. In total, they have over 150,000 followers with an impressive reach of approximately 6,822,203 people.

 Marketers may need to adjust their email marketing tactics for Canadian prospects in light of Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law,  said Senior VP of Marketing Mark Thabit.  This list showcases the best minds in email marketing today and can serve as a great resource for marketers wanting to learn best practices, ask questions, and engage in discussions with the experts and their peers on social media channels. 

Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers on Social Media (in alphabetical order):

1)  Chris Arrendale 

2)  Mark Brownlow

3)  Scott Cohen

4)  David Daniels

5)  Dennis Dayman

6)  Daniel Faggella

7)  Skip Fidura

8)  Tamara Gielen

9)  Natalie Giddings

10)  Nate Goodman

11)  Sarah Greesonback

12)  Luke Guy

13)  John W. Hayes

14)  Phil Hollows

15)  Simms Jenkins

16)  Jay Jhun

17)  Justine Jordan

18)  Harry Kaplowitz

19)  Kate Kiefer Lee

20)  Spencer Kollas

21)  Andrew Kordek

22)  Jeanne Jennings

23)  Ken Magill

24)  Bill McCloskey

25)  Loren McDonald

26)  David Moth

27)  Alyssa Nahatis

28)  Ayaz Nanji

29)  Cara Olson

30)  Mia Papanicolaou

31)  Kath Pay

32)  Dela Quist

33)  Arvind Raman

34)  David Rekuc

35)  Becs Rivett

36)  Elliot Ross

37)  Tom Sather

38)  Chris Sietsema

39)  Elisa Silverman

40)  Kimberly Snyder

41)  Sydney Aron Sullivan

42)  Andy T

43)  Tink Taylor

44)  Jordie van Rijn

45)  Matthew Vernhout

46)  Dennis Wakabayashi

47)  Tim Watson

48)  Chad White

49)  Anna Yeaman

50)  Justin Zhu

To learn more about each influencer and view their recent email marketing tweets, click here.

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