This is a challenging time for brand communications and, as PR and communications professionals, we all seek to make sense of the rapidly shifting landscape and concerns around the COVID-19 crisis. No matter what industry you’re involved with, this multi-part webinar series can help you address this or any tumultuous time for your brand.

Part 5: Emerging from a Crisis with a Communications Plan

During the past several weeks, our webinar series hosted informative discussions with industry experts, highlighting best practices for adapting your communications plan in times of crisis. Although the most trying weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic are unfolding in many areas, it is important PR pros remain proactive and plan their comms strategy for when we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a sensitive time, and so it is especially important to emerge from this crisis with prepared messaging crisis that will resonate with your audience, while keeping a pulse on the overall atmosphere.

For the final webinar of our series, Cision and comms experts discussed post-crisis practices in relation to messaging, timing and brand reputation.

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • Planning your brand's communications strategy post-COVID-19
  • Effective ways to communicate as a crisis peaks and starts to dissipate
  • Timing and operations during the return to business-as-usual mode


Part 4: COVID-19 Crisis Comms: The Power of PR in Times of Crisis

As a result of COVID-19, we are currently operating in a unique and difficult environment. Brands are repositioning their messaging and updating their strategies accordingly. Communicators have the expertise and tools to guide their company through this crisis. Now more than ever PR has an opportunity to prove its power and provide the C-Suite with strategic guidance.

For week 4 of our series, Cision and our panel of industry experts discussed best practices communicators can take right now to not only communicate with customers, but employees, stakeholders and the media.

The on-demand webinar covers::

  • How to speak in the language of the C-suite in times of crisis
  • Best practices for managing brand communications in a volatile media environment
  • How to update your KPIs and earned media metrics when your media strategy has changed
  • Steps you can take today to communicate thoughtully and effectively to your audience


Part 3: COVID-19 Crisis Comms: Media Trends and More from the Cision Insights Team

For the 3rd part of our Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty webinar series, we brought in a team of our award-winning Cision Insights communications research experts to share key learnings from the COVID-19 media analysis reports they authored.

Our panel analyzed two distinct aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic: How traditional and social media treat top US companies as defined by the volume of coverage they generate, and what COVID-19 trends in China can teach us as we navigate our day-to-day in the USA.

The on-demand webinar covers::

  • Trends in COVID-19 media coverage including the most frequently discussed markets, topics and industries
  • Learnings from China and how Western communicators can start preparing for a re-entry into "normal" communication activities
  • Examples of Chinese companies who are communicating well during this crisis


Part 2: COVID-19 Crisis Comms: Learn to "read the room" and lead with empathy

For the second part of our series, we brought in a new panel of experts to discuss the latest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it's affecting the industry. They share best-practices, including how to "read the room" and the importance of empathy in communications.

The on-demand webinar covers:

  • How to craft a response that isn't tone-deaf
  • What you should be pitching to journalists during this time
  • Tips for how communicators can be empathetic
  • Answers to your biggest questions on COVID-19 and comms


Part 1: COVID-19 Crisis Comms: Best practices for brand communications in times of uncertainty

It's a difficult time for brand communications and we at Cision want to help you be a trusted source of information for your industry in times of uncertainty. With rapidly shifting news cycles and growing concerns about COVID-19, we put together a panel of experts to share best practices and tips for brand communications in times of uncertainty.

In this on-demand webinar, hear from crisis communications experts and get answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding comms and COVID-19.

The on-demand webinar covers:

  • An analysis of the current media landscape surrounding COVID-19
  • Tips on how your brand should communicate during a crisis, including crafting your response
  • Answers to your biggest questions on handling the COVID-19 crisis