Cision® acquires ShareIQ technology, enhancing Cision Communications Cloud® capabilities


Q: What does ShareIQ do?

A: ShareIQ’s Image Monitoring Platform gives marketers the tools they need to measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their visual content across all social and web channels. While other industry offerings are limited to text and hashtag capture for images and logos, ShareIQ technology recognizes unique brand images and logos and maps the history and path of each image to provide reach and engagement  as well as insight into where the image is being shared and by whom – a publisher or an individual influencer.

Additionally, ShareIQ provides the ability to create custom audiences of individuals who have viewed, liked, or shared specific visual content. When used in conjunction with Cision’s established partnerships like LiveRamp and MediaMath, these audiences can be uploaded to any Data Management Platform to facilitate targeted digital advertising.

ShareIQ can track brand-generated, user-generated, and influencer-generated images as well track and analyze the brand’s competitive visual content.

Q: Why is image monitoring important?

A: The total visual content market is projected to reach $329B annually by 2021, and more than 3B images are uploaded to the web each day. And, as earned media becomes increasingly visual, the image-based content that communicators use to tell their story becomes even more valuable. We can no longer afford to live in the current world of monitoring NLP for text and hashtags for images. Instead, we need to recognize, monitor, contextualize, and analyze both text-based and image-based content for a comprehensive view of earned media’s Impact on the business.

Q: Why did Cision acquire ShareIQ 's technology? How is this a component for Cision’s earned media vision?

A: Cision sees very clearly that we are approaching a world where the PR & Communications function is, once again, one of the most transformative assets that exists within a company. And, to support the rise in earned media, Cision continues to grow the Cision Communications Cloud, the Earned Media Management Platform where modern communicators have world class tools designed to make them more agile and data-driven.  

And today, Cision is a global leader in text-based and hashtag media monitoring, and with this acquisition of ShareIQ, and their industry-leading Image Monitoring Platform, Cision can now provide PR and Comms Professionals the most robust imaging and logo monitoring capability as well.  

Q: What benefits does ShareIQ provide its customers?

A: ShareIQ provides brand marketers with the tools to measure, analyze and optimize the performance of visual content globally across all digital platforms. Through proprietary image technology, ShareIQ enables communicators to measure the history of an image or logo and its path forward, providing data on reach, engagement, audience and influencer insights. With ShareIQ technology, brands will also be able to:

  • Gather insight into the brand’s most powerful publishers and individual influencers as well as what image-based content is most valuable
  • Create custom audiences to target individuals and audiences who have viewed and/or engaged with brand visual content.

Q: Where does ShareIQ have market strength?

A: ShareIQ has strength in the automotive, retail and CPG industries.

Q: When will the deal be final? What are the terms of this acquisition?

A: The deal closed on Monday, July 23, 2018. Terms have not disclosed.

Q: Will ShareIQ operate as an independent brand in the Cision portfolio?

A: ShareIQ will be dissolved as a company; its technology assets will belong to Cision and incorporated into its product and service offerings. 

Q: Will ShareIQ employees be joining Cision?

A:  The executive leadership team as well as the product management, development and engineering teams will be joining Cision.

Q: When can I get access to ShareIQ technology and will it be integrated with the Cision platform?

A: All Cision Comms Cloud customers will be able to take advantage of ShareIQ’s Image Monitoring Platform right away. Our teams are at work building the key monitoring, data, and analytics functionality into the Comms Cloud workflow for an integrated and comprehensive view of text-and image-based earned media.

Q: How do I get more information?
A: To learn more, you can read the press release  or contact your account manager.