Earned media placement has become more competitive than ever before within the financial industry.  

PR pros are outnumbering journalists 7:1 and must now decide which of a bevy of topics matter to them. From ESG and commenting on the importance of board diversity, speaking to your workforce about back to office or investors about your crypto strategy, deciding which issues will stand out within the turbulent media landscape are enough to overtax any communicator in the Finance sector. 

Take charge of your strategy and watch Key Considerations for Communications in Financial News, an invite-only conversation, where brands give their strategy secrets and successes when it comes to working with the media.

In this 60-minute session, we cover: 

  • The key trends and types of financial news stories that journalists are looking to cover 
  • Media Relations strategies that appeal to journalists in both trade and consumer publications 
  • A predictive outlook on financial news in 2022