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Cision Media Monitoring

Cision Communications Cloud Media Monitoring is more than simply counting your mentions.
You can identify trends, understand the impact of your strategies, and make informed decisions about the actions to take for your messages to resonate.

Know what is being said about your organization and why it matters

The average US adult spends more than 11 hours consuming media every day. All the content being produced about your company, executives, products, and industry influences your target audiences’ impressions—and dollars spent.

You need to be able to see all of your coverage from around the globe and across all media types (on-line, print, social, broadcast and more)—while also being able to confidently identify which stories are the market-movers and making the most impact on your reputation.

Cision Communications Cloud Media Monitoring enables you to go beyond counting mentions. You can easily identify trends, understand the outcomes of your strategies, make data-driven decisions, and influence the right media contacts—no matter what article or type of content is driving your company’s reputation.

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Your message isn’t limited—your monitoring shouldn’t be either

Cision Media Monitoring brings the most comprehensive collection of media content together in one platform. You have access to more than 100 million sources from more than 190 countries, in 96 languages, including:
  • Tens of thousands of print and paywalled publications including global, national, regional and local newspapers, trade publications, consumer magazines and business journals
  • 2,700+ domestic and international TV and radio stations
  • 35,000+ podcasts
  • Millions of posts from leading social media platforms, online forums and review sites
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Understand how your coverage drives business outcomes and create data-driven communications strategies

Cision’s intuitive PR dashboards and analytics convert your media monitoring into insights—uncovering hidden details in your coverage, showing progress against your communications’ objectives and helping you optimize future campaigns.
  • Analyze audience analytics, coverage sentiment, share of voice, geographic heat maps, social media amplification and more with data visualization tools that make sense of your coverage and highlight areas for optimization.
  • Clearly demonstrate how you’re driving business outcomes with unique metrics such as verified views of earned media articles and form fills or purchases on your website.
  • Access detailed analytics on your readership for every single article including an understanding of demographic and firmographic data.
  • Refine your media outreach by finding journalists and influencers who impact your industry from your monitoring platform—and easily click through to their profiles so you can develop meaningful relationships with them.
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Dynamic reporting tools make sharing your successes the easiest part of your job.

Stop screen-grabbing clips and posts, wrestling with spreadsheets, and cutting and pasting content into slides. Intuitive reporting and communication tools make it easy to share your earned media successes with your leaders and your teams.
  • Combine clips and data into powerful automated emails, spike alerts, newsletters, presentations, Slack updates, and more.
  • Generate custom reports using advanced analytics tools.
  • Use our API to visualize your earned media outcomes in your internal applications for seamless reporting across your organization.
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Eren Y.
Hill+Knowlton Strategies
It is an easy-to-use tool for PR and media monitoring. You can create a dashboard the way you want. Editing and making searches are easy, and you can save them! The customer service is helpful and responds quickly. Also, it is easy to sort out the clippings, and you can tag them to keep an eye. I like that [Cision tries] to improve and reach me to ask for opinions. Feedback is essential for these tools to improve, and they seem to take it seriously.
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Track the publications that influencers, experts and executives trust.
Access the most comprehensive global collection of print and paywalled media. Track headline mentions, feature mentions, readership in top-tier publications, positive vs. negative headlines, and much more.

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Never miss a second of your TV, radio or podcast coverage.
Monitor 2,700+ domestic and international TV and radio stations and 35,000+ podcasts, 24/7.

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Access the world’s largest archive of social media voices.
Monitor and analyze conversations from leading social networks—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn—plus hundreds of forums and customer review sites. Get AI-driven alerts to potential opportunities and crises—and the tools and information you need to respond with speed.

Media Monitoring

Built on Cision Communications Cloud

Our Media Monitoring solutions are key components of Cision Communications Cloud—our all-in-one platform for fully understanding your media landscape, tracking audience reach and behavior and measuring and sharing the outcomes of your strategic communications.

Talk with a Cision expert for a personalized demo. See how Cision's solutions, knowledge and industry expertise can help you achieve your goals.

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