Search and filter 1.4M journalists, outlets and opportunities down to the perfect contact that will deliver your brand’s message to your target audience.

Start with audience data to drive engagement

Leverage data that helps you identify relevant influencers that will engage target audiences and impact consumer behavior Cision has comprehensive data to inform how and who you build relationships with, from understanding industry trends to knowing the top journalists that are writing about topics important to you and about competitors to audience insights from earned media coverage to specific insight into journalists themselves like interests, location, content published and more, you have the information you need to target the influencers of your audience. Then create engaging, streamlined campaigns on the influencers’ preferred channels to optimize earned media results.​

Expand outreach beyond traditional media

Like you, even journalists have a preferred method of communication. Keep up with the evolving media landscape and take influencer identification beyond traditional media utilizing Cision’s Media Research team who human-verifies 1,000s of updates daily. Gain immediate access to emerging social personalities and engage with them through their preferred means.​

Build long-lasting relationships

By conducting outreach in a more targeted and data-driven manner, communicators can make a better first impression, leading to improved media pickup and the development of stronger relationships.

Measure your success​

Your job doesn’t stop after you send your pitch. Keep track of your pitch success with email metrics (open, link click, unsubscribe and bounce rates). But pitches are only successful if they drive coverage. Identify your mentions and pull in metrics that show business impact.

Tell your story, own your narrative

Cision MediaRoom gives communication teams complete control over their online newsroom. Fully equipped with marketing tools and webmaster functionality, you'll have direct access to a suite of time saving resources to own and boost your brand’s narrative.

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