Cision delivers fast, flexible analytics and reporting that go beyond counting clips to deliver the real business value of your earned media results. With Cision, you can fully understand how earned media mentions about you, your competitors, and your industry are influencing and driving the conversation. Demonstrate this value with easy, flexible reports that identify insights in visually appealing ways

Fast & beautiful earned media reporting​

Cision Comms Cloud eliminates the need for large spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. With one click, turn your Comms Cloud monitoring dashboard into an interactive report, with customized branding and space for your own insights. Using the Newsletter functionality, create a curated list of media mentions that's fully customizable and easily sharable across your organization's stakeholders. To keep updated on the latest news and developing stories, use Cision's automated alerts and "Post to Slack" functionality, so your team never misses a beat.​

In-depth press release reporting​

PR Newswire's Visibility Reports offer innovative analytics and a breadth of data that enable you to report on the impact of individual press releases, or total activity across the last 365 days. Receive a comprehensive breakdown of the publications and journalists who received your press release. Pinpoint the geographic location, demographic and firmographic makeup of your audience. Measure views, engagements and conversions on your organization's website.​

Cision Impact: Align reporting with marketing KPIs​

Using Cision's ad tech partnerships, you can now report using the same metrics and methodologies that your marketing colleagues use in their reporting. Say goodbye to potential reach and say hello to actual impressions, views and unique views on your earned media content and your press releases. Cision Impact's conversion tracking can measure the actions performed on your website hours, days or weeks after being exposed to earned media content or press releases. Cision Impact's demographic and firmographic trait validates that you are reaching your organization's "ideal customer profile" (ICP).

Cision Insights: Trust reporting to the experts​

If you and your stakeholders require more in-depth reporting and analysis Cision's Insights team of world-class analysts and researchers are here to help. Cision Insight's human-curated Media Analysis Reports and Daily Media Briefings cut through the noise and provide quantitative and qualitative insights about your organization, competitors and industry.​

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