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  • Real Example Insights You Care About

    Get a personalized, 20-minute media analysis of your brand's actual press coverage. Walk through our easy-to-use dashboard, customized with metrics that matter to you. 

  • A Collaborative Tutorial & Conversation

    We take time to understand your goals and challenges, and work to find the best solutions for your unique needs. 

  • A Few Aha Moments

    See who’s talking about you, how they feel about you, and how you compare to your competitors.  

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The Cision Communications Cloud is a vital part of my daily routine as a PR manager.

I like how the different elements and functions of the Cision Communications Cloud are integrated and all work together. I use the database section to keep track of relevant media outlets and contacts, then use the distribution function to send news releases to those contacts. It's also super helpful that the system tells me whether or not people open the email and click on any of the links I shared. Then I can use the campaign, media monitoring, and data and analytics to track coverage and create timely reports.

Cindy A.

G2 reviewer