State of the Media 2023 Report

We surveyed 3,000 journalists globally to reveal challenges, industry evolution with technology, and implications for communications professionals. 


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The (Ugly) Truth Behind PR’s Go-To Numbers

It’s Time to Rethink Your PR Measurement Strategy

PR and comms pros should assess what metrics they are currently using to truly access the full potential of their PR efforts. We are no longer living in a world restricted to newspapers and billboards where a very rough guess at views is acceptable.

Get the eBook for ways to determine the true impact of your PR, including:

  • A closer look at vanity metrics
  • Understanding the importance of quantifying digital impact
  • PR's influence on sales and business

So, if PR wants a seat at the table (and a bigger share of the budget), they need to prove their impact with tangible and actionable KPIs. Download the The (Ugly) Truth Behind PR's Go-To Numbers eBook to learn how to provide insight that helps make day-to-day decisions.