AMP3 PR is a Model For Data-Driven Public Relations in The Fashion Industry With Cision Comms Cloud™

AMP3 PR is a boutique firm based in New York City. Founded more than 12 years ago, the company began with a focus on PR for organizations in the music industry, but over the past eight years, AMP3 has made a conscious effort to reposition themselves as the agency of choice for fashion and lifestyle brands. Besides CR7 Denim, their clientele includes Cat Footwear, Sebago, Kimoa, the Nolcha Shows and many others. As a result of their hard work, the company is getting noticed: online industry resource PR Couture awarded AMP3 PR’s founder as Communicator of The Year at its Bespoke Communication Awards, along with a win for Media Event Of The Year for their work on Cat Footwear’s #MakeAScene press tour.

Boutique Agency Saves Time and Boosts Personalization of Media Outreach For Clients Including CR7 Denim, Cat Footwear, Nolcha Shows, And Many More


Fashion is always about finding the right fit, and when international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo launched his CR7 Denim line, he and his team needed public relations efforts that could be executed on a global scale. In addition to North America, the launch story was picked up by media outlets across Europe and Asia. The CR7 Denim debut’s success came thanks to AMP3 PR -- a firm whose sophisticated style of media outreach has been fueled by Cision Comms Cloud™.

The Challenge

Like many other PR firms, AMP3 PR’s team estimated they were spending up to 70% of their time both researching appropriate media contacts and pitching stories on behalf of their clients. This meant less time for new business development and other creative work that is key to growth.

“We would regularly buy and peruse different publications to see who’s writing about what. Then we would actually have to call these publications to find out if that writer was in fact the proper person to pitch a story to. Finally, we would have to try to obtain the writer’s e-mail address and phone number. Some publications make a practice of not providing this information directly, leaving us a bit stuck,” explained Ashley Lutzker, Sr. Account Director at AMP3 PR. “In the fashion and lifestyle sector in particular, writers and editors are receiving so many pitches every day, it’s imperative that we have the right contact so that our pitches aren’t lost to the email abyss.”


The Solution

AMP3 uses Cision Comms Cloud, a platform that includes analytics, a management calendar, influencer recommendations and more. Its extensive search criteria and filters are designed to accelerate the process of list building, engage with influencers in a meaningful way, take advantage of editorial opportunities and more easily execute multi-channel campaigns. The most recent edition of Cision Comms Cloud also integrates PR Newswire’s press release distribution network as well as Help A Reporter Out (HARO), where journalists can make requests for sources.

The Results

AMP3 PR has been using products and services that are now integrated into the Cision Comms Cloud for eight years -- to the point where it’s become a standard and integral part of their business processes. As a longtime customer, AMP3 PR says it has also offered direct feedback to Cision on changes and improvements which are now part of the platform.

Some of the biggest wins AMP3 has experienced so far include:

Time Savings: AMP3 PR says fewer hours spent on manual forms of research is the No. 1 benefit they have enjoyed through Cision Comms Cloud.

“We’re juggling so many different clients at any given time, and there are only so many hours in the day,” say’s Lutzker. “Even just being able to streamline the process of building a pitch list means we can invest more time into actually pitching, which is the function most valuable to our clients.”

Improved Planning: AMP3 makes use of the full capabilities in Cision Comms Cloud, including its database of editorial calendars to give its team a sense of what topics will be featured in a particular publication’s issue, and when. Help A Reporter Out, where media actively look for expertise, has been another standout feature.

“When you’re looking for stories to plug your clients into, it’s good to know what topics editors are interested in,” Lutzker explained. “The contact profiles provided by Cision are another great tool -- to see the histories of what someone has covered in the past, lateral moves they’ve made between publications -- it’s all right there at your fingertips.”

Personalization: While they use the monitoring functions in Cision Comms Cloud to track the success of their campaigns, AMP3 also creates reports earlier in the process to assist with client requests.

“We really like the hit list function,” mentioned Lutzker. “Clients often come to us and want to target a specific market. They might be launching in New York as well as in Los Angeles and want to know who we’re going to pitch. With Cision, it’s easy to create a list that’s used as a report that not only shows what outlets, but which contacts we’ve identified at those outlets.”

Personalization is important on the media relations side as well, Lutzker adds, which is why having data on contact preferences is vital. “Sometimes a writer doesn’t want to be e-mailed on specific days or particularly dislikes phone calls at the office,” she says. “Without those simple details, you risk hurting your client’s opportunities and damaging your own media relationships. Cision enables us to understand how best to make contact with a writer or editor.”

Next Steps

For AMP3 PR, there are always new and diverse clients to bring on board, with a range of needs. Fortunately, the company not only has many successful campaigns under their belt but also a long track record in data-driven communications.

“We’ve been using the platform for so long and the technology has changed so much,” she says. “We’re learning so much more about what we’re capable of as an agency through the Cision platform.”