Looking back on 2020 to inform your 2021 PR strategy


Perhaps the most signficant lessons from this year are to be prepared for a crisis and to be flexible with your communications. As you look ahead, how are you using what you learned from this year to inform your communications for the next?

Our toolkit gives you the resources you need to ensure your ready for what lies ahead in 2021, including planning out your editorial calendar, biggest takeaways from 2020, and best practices for adapting your PR strategy.


  • 2021 Editorial Calendar — Designed to guide you through planning and adapting your content strategy in the upcoming year

  • Creating an Adaptable Communications Strategy for 2021 — Comms professionals from Auto Care Association, Sojern, and St. Baldrick’s Foundation discuss how they turned the unique challenges of 2020 into opportunities

  • Creating an Adaptable Comms Strategy for 2021: Webinar Recap — Highlighting the best practices and takeaways from the webinar discussion to help you plan for 2021

Toolkit Downloads:


2021 Content Calendar


Webinar Recap Blog

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