The PR Pro's Guide to Influencer Marketing


Build Valuable Relationships And Reach New Audiences


Are you looking for new channels to drive sales? Or do you want to grow brand awareness? Influencer marketing has become one of the most exciting new tactics to increase web traffic and brand awareness.  

By tapping into individuals with engaged followers, brands can reach new and more targeted audiences. We created a toolkit of our best influencer marketing resources to help you refine your influencer strategy.

Learn how to include influencers into your PR strategy - from finding the right influencer for your brand to defining your goals and measuring ROI.  



  • 2020 Influencer Marketing Tip Sheet - Whether you’re just getting started or want to refine your existing campaigns, get the tips, facts and stats you need to know before planning your next influencer marketing campaign.

  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing for PR eBook - Social media is a fantastic resource to not only build and maintain networks, but to stay on top of trends and discover influencers. Use this eBook as your guide to streamlining your strategy.

  • Take 5: LinkedIn Live Series On-Demand - Influencer marketing has evolved far beyond paying individuals with large followings to promote products. In this 20-minute video, Pamela Zapata, Founder and CEO of Society Eighteen, discusses all things influencer marketing. 

  • Bonus! The Social Media Influencers You Love To Hate - This clever comic, created by one of Cision's in-house designers, Erik Reichenbach, perfectly illustrates the different types of social media influencers.



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