Prove the Value of PR


In an increasingly data-driven world, showcasing the value of your PR efforts means demonstrating bottom-line impact. Can you accurately measure the performance of your PR campaigns?

As a PR professional, it's your job to effectively communicate your brand’s story and earn media coverage. But without much budget, you can only accomplish so much. If you’re able to connect the results of your PR campaigns to business KPIs, stakeholders will take notice.

In this toolkit, get the resources you need to measure the true impact of your PR strategy and secure more budget to execute even better campaigns.


  • The Ugly Truth Behind PR's GoTo Numbers - Learn how to quantify the digital impact of your PR campaigns and how to align PR metrics to your brand's business KPIs.

  • A Data Forward Strategy Tip Sheet – Not sure where to start? Find out which metrics to focus on, where to gather the data, and how to use it to shape your PR strategy.

  • Turning Measurement Planning into Practice - This recorded webinar presented by AMEC discusses why you need to consider measurement while planning your PR strategy and how to implement it.



Turning Measurement Planning into Practice


Following their gold win at the AMEC Awards for ‘Most Effective Planning, Research and Evaluation’, Paul Garbett, Associate Director of Comms at CSM Sport & Entertainment demonstrates how planning can be put into practice successfully. Paul is joined by Johna Burke, Global Managing Director at AMEC, and Scott Newton, Insights Director at Cision, who discuss the value and meaning of measurement planning as part of your comms strategy.