Build Valuable Relationships And Reach New Audiences


Are you looking for new channels to drive sales? Or do you want to grow brand awareness? Influencer marketing has become one of the most exciting new tactics to increase web traffic and brand awareness.  

By tapping into individuals with engaged followers, brands can reach new and more targeted audiences. We created a toolkit of our best influencer marketing resources to help you refine your influencer strategy.

Learn how to include influencers into your PR strategy - from finding the right influencer for your brand to defining your goals and measuring ROI.  



  • 2020 Influencer Marketing Tip Sheet

  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing for PR eBook

  • Take 5: LinkedIn Live Series On-Demand

  • Bonus! The Social Media Influencers You Love To Hate - 

    Comic strip created by Cision's in-house designer, Erik Reichenbach

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Take 5: LinkedIn Live Series
Episode #6: Influencer Marketing 101


Pamela Zapata is a NYC-based talent and marketing executive who brings a unique range of experience to the table, including over 10 years of mastering influencer strategy, integrated marketing, talent relations, casting, and production for some of the biggest networks, brands and agencies in the industry. In 2019 she founded Society 18, a bicoastal influencer management and consulting agency with a focus on multicultural and multiethnic content creators and digital strategy.