The media — be it conservative or mainstream, social or progressive — has always played an integral role in the nation’s selection of its next president. Correspondents and columnists sway opinion and unpack the facts that become the frame through which voters view nominees.

Using the influencer search tool in Cision’s media database, we curated a list of the Top 100 2016 Election Journalists, Influencers and Anchors to help you identify who to follow and who to engage this election season. We’ve ranked these hosts and correspondents by their Twitter following as a public method to evaluate their influence. All can be found in our media database, as well as their producers or editors.

We have chosen to use social media audience size as the metric for influence, in this case, because of its simplicity. The success of a TV anchor and newspaper columnist is measured in different ways and with different audiences, however, both have a Twitter handle. Using a follower count as a metric of influence provides an easily understood, apples-to-apples comparison between varying mediums and audiences.

The more we can understand the people who report on campaigns, the more context we can provide into their reporting.

Where do political journalists work?

More than two-thirds of our list work out of Washington, D.C. and New York City. One reason for this is a consolidation of sources: if you are a national political reporter, working in D.C. makes complete sense. Outside of CNN’s Atlanta base, which we see represented by 7 percent of our list, New York City is the center of television news media. Because of this, there is a consolidation of reporting talent with an uncharacteristic bias in the number of journalists working from New York City. It doesn’t hurt that journalists in New York state earn 12 percent more income than average. This is largely due to the maturity of the media market, as well as more senior media professionals working for larger and more valuable media companies. Slide3  

TIP: Research your industry’s journalists broadly and identify their interests, niches and passions. That way, you'll pitch to a reporter’s strengths and desires.

Who has the greatest influence?

Seven of the top 10 influencers on our list are full-time hosts or anchors. All of the top 10 spend a significant amount of time on television. Number eight on our list, Ana Marie Cox, MTV’s senior political correspondent, often records video pieces for the website or is featured as a guest on TV. Nate Silver, the editor-in-chief of political and sports data blog, is a regular feature on any number of cable news shows, breaking out his electoral predictions and explaining the polls. The stratification of influence shows how powerful television remains. Whether a journalist is primarily a writer or not, getting air time is a pathway to success. The same lesson can apply to your brand.Slide1

TIP: Don’t pitch a story to a host or an anchor. Instead, contact their producers. Each is looking for stories. Give them a story that’s not in your press release, and make your executives available at a producer’s beck and call.

Industry remains dominated by men

Just four of the leading 20 media influencers are women and 24 percent overall as represented on this list. This finding aligns with the existing gender disparity in news media, both in bylines, online air time and mentions in news stories. Slide2 As a baseline in this list, we’ve included Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher as examples of the power of pure celebrity. Maher and Colbert each host politically engaging shows, but both play in a different realm than even the largest names in news.

Top 100 2016 Election Media Influencers

This list has been compiled to include commentators from across the political and media spectrum, including bloggers and AM radio hosts. We have omitted some editors and journalists who are certainly well known enough to make it to this list to ensure we include a wide variety of voices. In addition to base biographical information, we have included further notes about some people to provide context about their influence on the campaign’s narrative. Cision is politically unaffiliated and does not endorse any political parties, platforms, campaigns or candidates.

1. Stephen Colbert, Anchor, "The Late Show"

@stephenathome — 11,543,637 Followers

The newest face of CBS’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert is an American comedian who first made a name for himself on Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Colbert’s influence on American politics came with the 2005 launch of his show, "The Colbert Report," which featured Colbert as a right-wing political television host (often compared to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity). Comedy Central’s "The Colbert Report" quickly became one of the network’s most popular shows, garnering over a million viewers per episode in its first week and winning several Emmys. Editor’s note: Both Samantha Bee and John Oliver would make the list as well. Bee holds 249,000 followers and Oliver has 2.91 million.

2. Rachel Maddow, Anchor, "The Rachel Maddow Show" @maddow 4,991,437 Followers

Rachel Maddow was the first openly gay major television anchor on network TV, launching "The Rachel Maddow Show" in primetime in 2008. Maddow is a liberal whose coverage of the election has included sharp critiques on the Trump campaign’s stance on immigration and questions whether the real estate mogul is paying any taxes at all. Maddow’s show regularly hosts representatives from both campaigns and does feature segments that are critical of Hillary Clinton.

3. Bill Maher, Host, "Real Time with Bill Maher" @billmaher — 4,750,059 Followers

Bill Maher is an American comedian and the host of HBO’s "Real Time with Bill Maher." Maher became popular in the early 1990s with the launch of Comedy Central’s show "Politically Incorrect," which featured various public figures from all professional backgrounds discussing current events in a candid manner. Maher is no stranger to controversy over his political commentary: during an episode of "Politically Correct," Maher received backlash for his comment on the U.S. being more “cowardly” than its attackers for using long-distance cruise missiles. Following the cancellation of "Politically Correct" in 2002, Maher’s current show launched and currently features regular appearances from top political leaders, pundits and influencers discussing current events.

4. George Stephanopoulos, Anchor, "Good Morning America" @GStephanopoulos — 2,309,523 Followers

George Stephanopoulos is an American television news anchor for ABC News’ "This Week" and "Good Morning America." He is also former senior advisor to the Clinton Administration in the 1990s. After his time working with President Clinton, Stephanopoulos authored the New York Times best seller, "All Too Human: A Political Education," reflecting on his time at the White House. Stephanopoulos made national headlines last year when he failed to disclose his personal donations to the Clinton Foundation before conducting televised interviews with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the author of "Clinton Cash," Peter Schweizer.

TIP: Morning shows are looking for entertaining human interest stories and often solicit the public for good news stories. You can use tools like ProfNet and Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to find those types of requests. Read how HARO landed our client on "Good Morning America."

5. Megyn Kelly, Anchor, Fox News, "The Kelly File" @megynkelly — 1,963,608 Followers

Megyn Kelly is a television news anchor and host of the Fox News Channel show, "The Kelly File." After a decade-long career in law, Kelly began working in journalism after she moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband in 2003. Kelly got her break in television when the ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV hired her as a freelance assignment reporter, making her way to the national stage with Fox News Channel in 2004. In 2014, TIME magazine included her on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. While Kelly is already a household name in America, perhaps the peak of Megyn Kelly’s recognition came in 2015 when she challenged Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump on his past statements regarding women and their appearances.

6. Nate Silver, Editor-in-Chief, "FiveThirtyEight" @natesilver538 — 1,553,945 Followers

Nate Silver is a statistician and writer who analyzes elections, baseball and other sports. He is the founder and current Editor-in-Chief of ESPN’s "FiveThirtyEight" blog, which takes its name from the number of electors in the United States electoral college. Silver’s notoriety grew in 2008 when his forecasts correctly predicted the winner of the 2008 presidential election in 49 of the 50 states, including the District of Columbia. Silver has made appearances on "The Colbert Report," "The Daily Show" and "Real Time with Bill Maher," among other nationally televised programs. Silver isn't a pollster. Instead, he aggregates the results of national and state races, combining these results using a statistical model. He does, however, handicap the race with a percentage chance to win for either candidate.

7. Sean Hannity, Host, Fox News, "Hannity" @seanHannity — 1,546,948 Followers

Sean Hannity is a radio and television host and author. He is the current host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "The Sean Hannity Show," and the host of the Fox News Channel show, "Hannity." Sean Hannity got his start in talk radio while he was in college in 1989, making his way to Fox News Channel in 1996 with the show, "Hannity & Colmes." Hannity has been a leading booster to the Trump campaign and is unabashed in his promoting of the candidate on- and off-air telling The New York Times:

“I’m not hiding the fact that I want Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.” After all, he says, “I never claimed to be a journalist.”

8. John Dickerson, Host, CBS, "Face the Nation" @jdickerson — 1,410,596 Followers

John Dickerson is the current anchor of America’s “No. 1 Sunday morning public affairs program,” CBS News’ "Face The Nation." Dickerson has been a Washington, D.C. reporter for nearly 20 years, covering politics at both TIME Magazine and Slate. He’s also a co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest and the author of "Whistlestop," a historical reflection on campaign curiosities from the past 150 years.

9. Ana Marie Cox, Senior Political Correspondent, MTV News @anamariecox — 1,299,754 Followers

Ana Marie Cox is an American blogger and author. Cox is currently the Washington correspondent for GQ and MTV News, where she covers politics and current affairs. Cox has also been a contributor to The Daily Beast, writing in July that she felt President Barrack Obama had been ambushed with questions during a live town hall event on CNN. She's also written for The Guardian and Air America Media.

10. Ezra Klein, Founder,

@ezraklein — 1,229,934 Followers

Ezra Klein is a blogger, columnist and founder of, a political news website. Before founding Vox, Klein worked at The Washington Post. He currently is the editor-in-chief of Vox and contributes to Bloomberg News and MSNBC. He is also a co-host on Vox’s The Weeds podcasts, which delves into full policy-geek territory with in-depth explanations of the Affordable Care Act, the American school system and teen birth rates. Klein's other podcast, The Ezra Klein show featured an hour-long interview with Hillary Clinton.

11. Bill O'Reilly, Host, Fox News, "The O'Reilly Factor" @oreillyfactor — 1,179,691 Followers

Bill O’Reilly is a talk show and television host, most popularly known for hosting the Fox News Channel show, "The O’Reilly Factor," which began airing in 2001. O’Reilly boasts the title of most watched cable television program in the United States. Prior to his career at Fox News Channel, O’Reilly covered the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and 1992 Los Angeles riots.

12. Chris Cuomo, Anchor, CNN, "New Day" @chrisCUOMO — 1,136,617 Followers

Chris Cuomo is a lawyer and television journalist who is now the anchor of CNN’s "New Day" program. In 2009, he became the co-host of ABC’s "20/20" after being the youngest correspondent the show had ever had. He’s also the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo and the brother of current New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

13. Glenn Beck, Host, Premiere Radio Network, "The Glenn Beck Show" @glennbeck 1,086,248 Followers

In 2011, after several years of running "The Glenn Beck Show" through HLN and Fox News Channel, Beck started TheBlaze, a multimedia conservative news outlet. He currently hosts an hour-long afternoon program, "The Glenn Beck Program," on weekdays, and a three-hour morning radio show. Both are broadcasted on TheBlaze. Today, TheBlaze has a wide range of TV, radio, podcast, in-print and web-video content. The radio channel has an exclusive relationship with The Morning Blaze with Doc & Skip, The Buck Sexton Show and Jay Severin.

14. Ann Coulter, Author, Legal Affairs Correspondent @anncoulter 950,800 Followers

Ann Coulter is a conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist and lawyer. She frequently appears on television, radio and as a speaker at public and private events. She’s also the author of several New York Times best-selling books, including “How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter”, “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” and “Adios, America.”

15. Lawrence O'Donnell, Host, MSNBC, "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" @Lawrence 850,094 Followers

Lawrence O’Donnell is a journalist, writer, political analyst and the host of MSNBC’s show, “The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.” His biography on MSNBC’s website states:

“Lawrence O’Donnell hosts ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell’ at 10 p.m. on MSNBC. Each night, O’Donnell relies on his extraordinary background in politics, entertainment and news, to provide the last word on the biggest issues and most compelling stories of the day. O’Donnell joined MSNBC as a political analyst in 1996. He is an Emmy Award-winning executive producer and writer for the NBC series ‘The West Wing’ and creator and executive producer of the NBC series, ‘Mister Sterling.’”

16. Laura Ingraham, Host, "The Laura Ingraham Radio Show" @ingrahamangle — 825,117 Followers

Ingraham is a radio host, author and political commentator, best known for her radio show “The Laura Ingraham Show.” She is one of the most listened to women in conservative political talk radio in the United States and is the author of the New York Times best-selling books, “The Obama Diaries” and “Power to the People.” Before Ingraham started her career in radio and television, she worked as a speechwriter during Ronald Reagan’s tenure, in the Domestic Policy advisory. Ingraham is also a guest host of Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” show on Fox News Channel.

17. Bret Baier, Anchor, "Special Report with Bret Baier" @BretBaier — 773,230 Followers

Bret Baier is the anchor of "Special Report with Bret Baier" and a past White House and Pentagon correspondent with Fox News. This election cycle, he’s anchored the channel’s debate coverage. Outside of election season, Baier covers international affairs, producing specials from war zones, reporting from Iraq 12 times and Afghanistan 13 times. He’s interviewed President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and this cycle’s Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

18. Chris Hayes, Host, MSNBC, "All In With Chris Hayes" @chrislhayes — 653,701 Followers

Chris Hayes is the anchor of MSNBC’s weekday political and opinion show, "All in With Chris Hayes," and continues to be the editor-at-large of The Nation Magazine. Hayes has written about the changing dynamics of the Democratic party post-9/11 as well as the decline of America’s labor movement. He’s the author of "Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy," his take on how major institutions, from the Catholic Church to Major League Baseball, have declined or seen their influence change.

19. Dennis Miller, Commentator and Comedian @dennisdmz — 607,089 Followers

Miller is an American stand-up comedian, talk show host and political commentator, who spends much of his television time on Bill O’Reilly’s "The O’Reilly Factor." His commentary often leans conservative and ranges between his analysis of voting demographics in America’s inner cities to discussions about show-tunes. He explained his ideology to the Chicago Tribune:

"With my dearest friends I don't talk politics," he said. "I feel like I'm socially liberal and I'm fiscally conservative, and I don't trust radical Islamic fundamental terrorists so I don't know what that makes me. I guess that makes me a right-winger, but guys who blow pizza parlors up and that, I'm skeptical of."

20. Rush Limbaugh, Host, Premiere Radio Network, "The Rush Limbaugh Show" @rushlimbaugh — 509,630 Followers

Limbaugh has worked in radio, in one form or another, since the age of 16. Currently, he is a leading conservative media commentator and has broadcast "The Rush Limbaugh Show" for three hours every weekday since 1988. The show is one of, if not the, most popular radio shows in America, boasting more than 600 affiliate stations sharing his broadcast with an estimated 13 million weekly listeners. In 2012, Limbaugh lost more than 100 advertisers, including Netflix, JCPenney and Sears because of comments he made about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

TIP: Radio hosts have long shows. When pitching them, prepare three different lengths to fill a variety of news holes and commentary segments:

- 5 - 7 minutes: a single news segment

- 10 - 14 minutes: an extended feature

- 20 - 28 minutes: call in discussion

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21. Joe Scarborough, Anchor, MSNBC, "Morning Joe" @joeNBC — 480,564 Followers

Joe Scarborough is a former congressman from Florida, originally elected in 1994 to Florida’s 1st Congressional District. He held that position until he resigned in 2000 after running unopposed. In April 2003, he started his television career with the launch of "Scarborough Country" on MSNBC, until he began hosting "Morning Joe" full time. This election cycle, he’s been critical of Donald Trump and even wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, arguing that the Republican nominee’s statements against Senator John McCain and about Judge Gonzalo Curiel's Mexican heritage have disqualified him for the presidency. This op-ed, and previous comments on "Morning Joe" starting as early as May of this year, have led to an ongoing feud on social media between Scarborough and the Republican candidate.

22. Dana Loesch, Host, TheBlaze @dloesch — 414,206 Followers

Dana Loesch is a conservative talk radio host and television host at TheBlaze TV. She focuses on gun rights in America. She’s authored "Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America." In June, the NRA announced she’d be the organization’s special advisor on women’s policy. While certainly a conservative, she does not support Donald Trump, stating in her blog that she can’t reconcile with his differing policy statements.

23. Alex Jones, Host and Producer, Alex Jones Show / @realalexjones — 401,858 Followers

Alex Jones is a radio host and the founder of Jones espouses outlandish claims about the government, politicians and historical events, many of which are viewed as extreme by both Republican and Democratic commenters.

24. Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Caller @TuckerCarlson — 296,507 Followers

Tucker Carlson is a political news correspondent and conservative pundit for Fox News. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller and formerly co-hosted CNN's "Crossfire" and MSNBC's "Tucker." The Daily Caller publishes several articles a day about Hillary Clinton’s perceived failings as a candidate, including pieces about her email scandal and the Clinton Foundation.

25. Ben Shapiro, Host, "The Ben Shapiro Show"

@benshapiro — 294,230 Followers

Ben Shapiro is a former editor of Breitbart who resigned in protest of the handling of an assault of one of the publication’s reporters, Michelle Fields. Shapiro is a sharp critic of American liberalism. He’s staunchly conservative, having campaigned against political correctness on college campuses and appearing regularly on "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Fox and Friends." He’s currently the editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire and has authored several books, including "The People vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration."

26. Meghan McCain, Host, Premiere Radio Network, "America Now" @MeghanMcCain — 273,394 Followers

Meghan McCain is a blogger, radio host and Fox News contributor who has sided against the Donald Trump campaign in this election cycle. Her father is former Presidential nominee Senator John McCain. Her analysis is that the Republican party is not the party she grew up with, and she’s called Donald Trump a barbarian, regularly defending her father and criticizing the invective of this year’s campaign.

27. Steven Crowder, Host, "Louder with Crowder" @scrowder — 263,760 Followers

Steven Blake Crowder is a conservative Canadian-American actor, comedian, former contributor to the Fox News Channel and regular guest on TheBlaze. Crowder is also frequently featured on "The Glenn Beck Program" and "The Dana Show." Crowder’s commentary and comedy are at times controversial, such as when he drew a picture of the Prophet Muhammad on his YouTube channel. His most common theme is to challenge those who he perceives as overly politically correct denizens of the Internet, who he calls Social Justice Warriors.

28. Mika Brzezinski, Anchor, MSNBC, "Morning Joe" @morningmika — 225,342 Followers

Mika Brzezinski is a co-anchor of MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" and a past anchor of the CBS Evening News Weekend Edition. She reported live from Lower Manhattan during the September 11, 2001 attacks. Brzezinski is critical of the Trump campaign and has said she’s no longer objective in her reporting of him. She’s also critical of Hillary Clinton’s explanation of her use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State.

29. Van Jones, Political Contributor, CNN @VanJones68 — 222,175 Followers

Van Jones is a CNN political contributor, regularly appearing on the network’s programming. He’s also an activist, having founded a number of organizations focusing on human rights and equality. Jones is the author of two books, "The Green Collar Economy" and 2012’s "Rebuild the Dream," which chronicles his time as an environmental and human rights activist en-route to becoming a policy advisor at the White House. Jones spent less than a year serving as the Obama administration’s “green jobs czar,” abruptly resigning in 2009 after controversy over his past political involvements surfaced.

30. Neal Boortz, Host and Producer, Audio Columnist @talkmaster 187,021 Followers

Neal Boortz retired from hosting "The Neal Boortz Show" after 43 years in broadcasting, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing his thoughts on the political ongoings of America. He’s critical of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. He broadcasts from his RV while traveling across America.

31. Matthew Yglesias, Founder and Executive Editor, @mattyglesias — 184,942 Followers

Matthew Yglesias is a journalist and author commenting about American policy and politics. He co-hosts Vox’s The Weeds podcast. On Twitter, he provides comedic commentary on analysis Vox produces. This election cycle, he’s provided insights into polarity of the political divide in America. He’s also the author of "The Rent Is Too Damn High: What To Do About It, And Why It Matters More Than You Think."

TIP: For editors like Matthew Yglesias, data is integral to telling a story properly. By partnering with an accredited research institute or university professor, you can add weight to your brand research. Promote the demographic and regional control of your research to ensure your insights can be evaluated effectively.

32. Erick Erickson, Host, "Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson" @ewerickson — 166,123 Followers

Erick Erickson is a blogger who hosts the radio show "Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson," on 750 WSB (AM). He previously served as an editor-in-chief of the conservative political blog RedState and was a frequent contributor to CNN. In August of 2015, Erickson rescinded an invitation to Donald Trump for an event held by RedState, saying that Trump had crossed a line of decency in his comments about Megyn Kelly during a Republican primary debate. Erickson left RedState after this incident. In January, Erickson founded a new site, The Resurgent, and continues to write and produce commentary about the election.

33. Josh Barro, Senior Editor & Columnist, Business Insider @jbarro — 148,079 Followers

Josh Barro is a former real estate banker and policy research analyst who worked for Wells Fargo. Before joining Business Insider, he was a founding correspondent at The Upshot, the economics and data section of The New York Times. Barro has carefully covered the Trump campaign, analyzing its tax plans, claiming that what’s on paper doesn’t align with what the candidate actually says he believes.

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34 a. David Fahrenthold, Reporter, The Washington Post ** Special addition ** @Fahrenthold — 141,974 Followers

David Fahrenthold covers the 2016 presidential campaign for The Washington Post and has been with the paper since 2000. He previously covered Congress, the federal bureaucracy, the environment and the D.C. police. This election cycle, Fahrenthold has dedicated his efforts to tracking Donald Trump's charitable donations. Up until Oct. 11, Fahrenthold has called more than 400 charities looking for donations from Trump. He's kept track of these calls on lined paper, marking them with pen. He then tweets photos of them to viral acclaim.

34 b. Harry Shearer, Host, "Le Show" @theharryshearer — 123,681 Followers

Harry Shearer is an actor, author, director and comedian who appears on this list as a political satirist. He starts his weekly show "Le Show," with an outline of political news and opinion. In 1999, he authored "It's the Stupidity, Stupid: Why (Some) People Hate Clinton and Why the Rest of Us Have to Watch (Library of Contemporary Thought)."

35. Corey Lewandowski, Political Commentator, CNN

@CLewandowski_ — 116,856 Followers

Corey Lewandowski is a paid contributor to CNN and former campaign manager for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Before joining CNN, he had a reputation for being combative with reporters, restrictive of both information and access to Trump. This combativeness, in part, led to his ousting from the Trump campaign, which as of August 20, 2016, continued to pay Lewandowski $20,000 a month for consulting services.

36. Hugh Hewitt, Host, Salem Radio Network, "The Hugh Hewitt Show" @hughhewitt — 114,754 Followers

Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor and broadcast journalist whose nationally syndicated radio show is heard in more than 120 cities across the United States. He is also a weekly columnist for The Washington Examiner and Hewitt conducts insightful interviews with other politicos and journalists. Full transcripts are found on his website, many of which critically analyze the Clinton Foundation’s perceived pay-to-play and transparency issues.

37. E.J. Dionne, Contributing Politics Columnist, The Washington Post @EJDionne — 104,760 Followers

E.J. Dionne Jr. is a journalist, political commentator and a long-time op-ed columnist for The Washington Post. He’s also the author of several books on American politics, including his recent best seller published in January, "Why the Right Went Wrong: Conservatism--From Goldwater to the Tea Party and Beyond." Dionne has argued that Trump’s law and order plank of his platform is similar to that of Nixon’s in 1968.

38. Michelle Fields, Reporter, The Huffington Post @MichelleFields — 103,455 Followers

Before joining The Huffington Post in May 2016, Michelle Fields had reported on the Trump campaign for Breitbart news. Earlier in the election cycle, Corey Lewandowski, then Trump campaign’s manager, grabbed Fields’ arm aggressively on camera. When Fields wrote about the incident and filed charges against Lewandowski, Breitbart did not support her characterization of events. Instead, the publication sided with the Trump campaign. She and Ben Shapiro resigned from the publication in protest. Fields is the author of "Barons of the Beltway: Inside the Princely World of Our Washington Elite--and How to Overthrow Them."

39. Rich Lowry, Editor, The National Review @richlowry — 100,041 Followers

Rich Lowry is the editor of The National Review as well as a syndicated columnist and a commentator for Fox News. He also writes for POLITICO, TIME magazine and often appears on "Meet the Press." In 2004, Lowry published "Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years" as well as his New York Times best seller "Lincoln Unbound."

40. Jamelle Bouie, Chief Political Correspondent,

@jbouie — 99,609 Followers

Jamelle Bouie is chief political correspondent of as well as a political analyst for CBS News. He’s written for The New Yorker, The Washington Post and The Nation. In this election cycle, he’s been highly critical of the Trump campaign. In 2014, he argued that the word hug" is a new dog-whistle, replacing other less coded words to describe African Americans in a pejorative light.

41. John Harwood, Contributing Columnist, The New York Times @johnjharwood — 83,861 Followers

John Harwood is a journalist and the chief Washington correspondent for CNBC. He is also a contributor for The New York Times, writing a weekly column entitled "The Caucus" that appears on Monday about Washington politics and policy. Harwood acted as a moderator during CNBC's Republican Presidential Debate on October 28, 2015, during which he challenged then Republican nominee Marco Rubio on his tax plan saying that it favored the rich.

42. Buck Sexton, Host, Blaze Radio Network Buck Sexton Show @bucksexton — 83,662 Followers

Buck Sexton is national security editor for, co-host of "Real News" on TheBlaze TV and host of "The Buck Sexton Radio Show" every weekday. Sexton has been a frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News and a co-host on some of the largest conservative talk-radio shows in America. Sexton is also a former CIA counter-terrorism analyst often going toe-to-toe with other commenters on-air.

43. Ross Douthat, Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times @douthatnyt — 83,217 Followers

Ross Douthat is The New York Times' op-ed columnist, joining the paper in April 2009 to write about politics, religion and higher education. Previously, he worked as a senior editor at The Atlantic and authored a 2012 book on religion titled "Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics." He’s also a periodic film critic for The National Review.

44. Bill Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard @BillKristol — 72,872 Followers

Bill Kristol is the editor of The Weekly Standard, a regular guest on ABC’s "This Week" and covers special events and election news. He appears frequently on other leading political commentary shows. Before starting The Weekly Standard in 1995, Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future, where he helped shape the strategy that produced the 1994 Republican congressional victory. Kristol accurately predicted that both Rand Paul and Jeb Bush would lose in the Republican primary.

45. Stephanie Miller, Host, "The Stephanie Miller Show" @SmShow — 70,964 Followers

Stephanie Miller is a national liberal radio personality and comedian. She’s the daughter of William Miller, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Republican presidential running mate. In this election cycle, she’s set to continue her “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour,” launching it on the eve of the election. She told Variety that she launched the tour in 2011 with the goal of redefining the word liberal.

“We wanted to prove that it’s sexy to be liberal and the shows have been selling out since.”

46. Jim Geraghty, Blogger, The Campaign Spot

@jimgeraghty — 69,382 Followers

Jim Geraghty is a conservative blogger and regular contributor to National Review. He is the author of National Review’s Campaign Spot blog and “Morning Jolt” newsletter. Geraghty has written two books: "Voting to Kill: How 9/11 Launched the Era of Republican Leadership" and "The Weed Agency: A Comic Tale of Federal Bureaucracy Without Limits."

47. David Webb, Host, Sirius XM Radio, "The David Webb Show" @davidwebbshow — 69,045 Followers

David Webb hosts “The David Webb Show” on SIRIUS XM Radio’s Patriot channel (125). Webb’s appeared on CNN, Fox News and CNBC. He’s written columns for The Hill, Breitbart and acted as a leading surrogate of the Tea Party movement in 2010, co-founding the TeaParty365.

48. Sally Kohn, Columnist, The Daily Beast @sallykohn — 67,929 Followers

Sally Kohn is a progressive activist and writer. Currently, she’s a CNN political commentator and has previously been a commentator on Fox News. She shared insights from her time at Fox on a TED Talk and asked both liberals and conservatives to do a better job of actually listening to one another. During the Democratic primary race, she supported Bernie Sanders; however in a speech in Brooklyn, she commented positively on Clinton’s value and abilities as a candidate.

49. Roy Baron, Host, Magnified View, "Voices of Global Freedom Radio" @MyHumanCompass — 67,681 Followers

Roy Baron is a journalist, author and former host and producer of the popular "Voices of Global Freedom Radio." This election cycle, he’s running for president under the Needs Political party, which he formed in 2011.

50. Charles Cooke, Online Editor, National Review Online @charlescwcooke — 66,676 Followers

Charles C.W. Cooke is the editor of National Review Online. His work has focused specifically on Anglo-American history, British liberty, free speech, the Second Amendment and American exceptionalism. He is the co-host of the Mad Dogs and Englishmen podcast, and is a regular guest on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

TIP: When you include a contact in your pitches and press releases, be sure they are ready to take calls and make interviews happen.

51. Guy Benson, Host, WIND AM, "The Guy Benson Show" @guypbenson — 63,666 Followers

Guy Benson is the political editor of, a Fox News contributor and co-author of "End of Discussion." He is a familiar voice on the nationally-syndicated "Hugh Hewitt" radio show, which he regularly guest hosts, having anchored "The Guy Benson Show" from February 2008 until September 2015. Last year, Benson came out as gay in the footnote of his book.

52. David Sirota, Senior Editor Investigations, The International Business Times @davidsirota — 60,089 Followers

David Sirota is the senior editor for investigations at International Business Times. He is also a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and a best-selling author. He appears periodically on national television shows and has been published in The New York Times Magazine, Politico, The Atlantic, Harper’s,, Vice and A recent investigation into The Clinton Foundation found a rise in arms sales authorizations to countries which had made large contributions to the foundation.

53. Sarah Kliff, Deputy Managing Editor, @sarahkliff — 52,372 Followers

Sarah Kliff is a senior editor at, where she oversees health, medicine and education coverage. She left The Washington Post and joined Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias at Vox in 2014. Kliff also hosts Vox’s The Weeds podcast. She recently published an in-depth review of a study which suggests that better use of birth control is reducing teen pregnancy rates in the United States.

54. Rebecca Costa, Host, "The Costa Report" @rebeccacosta — 52,197 Followers

Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends and individual behavior. She’s also an author of "The Watchman’s Rattle," an exploration of how government and society is failing through the lens of a genetic explanation of our culture’s future collapse. Her show "The Costa Report," hosts guests like journalist Glenn Greenwald, former House Majority Leader Tom Delay and the Former Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer.

55. Sandra Smith, Host, Fox News, "Outnumbered"

@SandraSmithFox — 49,662 Followers

Sandra Smith joined Fox Business Network as a reporter in October 2007 and is also part of the panel on Fox’s "Outnumbered." Smith began her career as a research associate at Aegis Capital, analyzing stocks and identifying investment opportunities.

56. Jim Hoft, Blogger, Gateway Pundit @gatewaypundit — 49,037 Followers

Jim Hoft is the owner and lead writer of the conservative blog, Gateway Pundit. Building the site since 2004, it now breaks news and leads on commentary of many issues being cited by the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, The Drudge Report, TheBlaze, Mark Levin and FOX Nation. After the Orlando terror attack, Hoft came out as gay, proposing that other gay Republicans should do the same.

57. Emily Bazelon, Staff Writer, The New York Times Magazine @emilybazelon — 47,892 Followers

Emily Bazelon is a long-term co-host of Slate’s Political Gabfest and a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine. Bazelon focuses on law. She’s pro-choice, anti-bullying and an expert on the Supreme Court. In her 2013 book, "Stick and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy," she looks at how bullying can shape lives with devastating consequences.

58. Anand Giridharadas, Contributing Columnist, The New York Times @anandwrites — 44,947 Followers

Anand Giridharadas is an author, columnist and TED X speaker who speaks about politics, class, income inequality and race. His most recent book, "The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas," traces the life paths of two men, a Bangladesh Air Force officer who found temporary work at a convenience store in Texas and the man who shoots him in misguided revenge for 9/11.

59. Juliet Huddy, Anchor, Fox News @juliethuddytv — 43,015 Followers

Juliet Huddy is the host of WNYW-TV's (FOX 5) "Good Day Early Call" and is a frequent guest on Bill O’Reilly’s "The O’Reilly Factor." She has worked with Fox since 1998, and has spent her time as a host of "Fox and Friends Weekend" and the anchor "Day Side."

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60. Matt Lewis, Columnist, Roll Call

@mattklewis — 42,608 Followers

Lewis is a columnist with Roll Call and the author of "Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections (and How It Can Reclaim Its Conservative Roots)." In a recent column, Lewis argued that no matter how far back Trump appears to be in the polls, he still has a chance to pull a "Buster Douglas vs. Tyson-style knockout" in the presidential debates.

61. Aaron Blake, Managing Editor, The Fix - Politics Blog of The Washington Post @aaronblake — 42,595 Followers

Blake writes multiple posts a day about the 2016 election in a section of the Post’s political blog, "The Fix," under the Ask Aaron section. When he’s not publishing rapid fire analyses of ongoing election matters, he’s tweeting about them, pointing out comedic or off color Twitter interactions between politicos or talking about award ceremonies.

62. Michelangelo Signorile, Host, SIRIUS XM Radio, "Michelangelo Signorile Show" @msignorile 40,288 Followers

Michelangelo Signorile is a journalist, author and radio host whose program is broadcast daily across North America and globally through SIRIUS XM. He is also the editor-at-large for Gay Voices, a vertical dedicated to LGBT issues at the Huffington Post. This election cycle, Signorile has been critical of Republicans and Donald Trump. He also criticizes the media for letting Donald Trump off the hook on his positions in regards to gay rights in America.CSE-SEM_Ad2_728x90

63. Stuart Stevens, Columnist, The Daily Beast @stuartpstevens — 39,298 Followers

Stuart Stevens is an author and political strategist who worked as Mitt Romney’s chief strategist for his 2012 presidential election bid. He’s written five books and many articles for The New York Times, Esquire and The Washington Post. In a recent column for The Daily Beast, Stevens expressed that the America Donald Trump describes doesn’t exist.

64. Bryan Crabtree, Host, "The Bryan Crabtree Show" @bryancrabtree — 38,185 Followers

Bryan Crabtree has hosted radio shows since 1993, while still a student in high school. He now hosts a two-hour daily radio show focused on business and politics. The tagline for his show is “The Longer You Listen, the Smarter You’ll Get."

65. Bradlee Dean, Host, "Sons of Liberty" @BradleeDean1 — 34,989 Followers

Bradlee Dean is a Christian rocker who performs at high schools as The Junkyard Prophet. After years of self-harm, Dean found God and formed a series of businesses around informing youths about the dangers of drugs and the importance of the Bible and the Constitution in American life. This translated into his radio show, "Sons of Liberty," which has hosted guests like former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, musician and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent and president of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins.

66. Timothy Carney, Senior Political Columnist, Washington Examiner @TPCarney — 33,693 Followers

Timothy Carney is a columnist for the Washington Examiner. He’s the author of two books, "The Big Rip Off: How Big Government and Big Business Steal Your Money" and "Obamanomics." Both focus on money’s role in politics and policy. His recent columns have focused on how the Affordable Care Act causes headaches for the insurance industry.

67. Jacob Weisberg, Chairman, Slate Group @jacobwe — 32,205 Followers

Jacob Weisberg is one of the minds behind the founding of He’s also the chairman of the Slate Group, which includes popular podcast syndicate Panoply. He has come out from behind the scenes this election cycle, producing and hosting a bi-weekly (sometimes more often) podcast called "Trumpcast." In it, he explores the perceived threat that Donald Trump poses to the Republic. Every episode, Weisberg invites a guest on to speak about whatever new issue the Trump campaign faces. He also includes Trump impersonators who read Trump’s tweets from that week out loud.

68. David Plotz, CEO, Atlas Obscura @davidplotz — 31,622 Followers

David Plotz is a former managing editor, author and host of the Slate Political Gabfest. Plotz’s opinions are broad but take a firm stance. For example, he believes that Iran could be a positive force in the world and that a little bit of corruption and graft actually helps keep a political system lubricated enough for valuable deal-making. Too much honesty and transparency, Plotz posits, leaves no wiggle room between ideological brick walls. He is also the CEO of the online magazine Atlas Obscura, which produces features of wondrous and interesting places and things from around the world.

69. Gina Loudon, Host, "Dr. Gina Loudon" @realDrGina — 31,388 Followers

Gina Loudon is a popular psychologist who often appears on "The Sean Hannity Show" and other mainstream news stations. She specializes in body language. In a recent article, she said that Clinton is a dangerous narcissist and called her a compulsive liar.

70. Michael Barbaro, Host, The New York Times, "The Run-Up"

@mikiebarb — 31,128 Followers

Michael Barbaro plays host on The New York Times election podcast, "The Run-Up." It aims to guide listeners through the final, delirious phase of the presidential campaign. He recently spoke with Newt Gingrich to discuss Trump’s mental fitness.

71. Bret Stephens, Deputy Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal @StephensWSJ — 29,836 Followers

Bret Stephens is a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist who now leads the Wall Street Journal's international opinions page. He also sits on the paper's editorial board. In 2012, he won for his Global View column, largely covering the 2012 election cycle. His secret to success, as he told Forbes Magazine, is to not think about the columns he writes — just write your ideas and facts, then get them published.

“Columns are a bit like pancakes. They need to be cooked and eaten right away.”

72. Kenneth Vogel, Host, Politico 2016 Nerdcast @kenvogel — 28,549 Followers

In addition hosting the podcast "Nerdcast," Kenneth Vogel is POLITICO’s chief investigative reporter. He is also author of “Big Money: 2.5 Billion Dollars, One Suspicious Vehicle, and a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics.” In 2008, he traveled with the Barack Obama and Joe Biden campaigns. On POLITICO’s Nerdcast, Vogel geeks out with Charlie Mahtesian, Kenneth P. Vogel, Eli Stokols, Hadas Gold and Scott Bland.

73. Oliver Darcy, Politics Editor, Business Insider @oliverdarcy — 28,358 Followers

Before joining Business Insider as the publication’s politics editor, Darcy worked as the deputy managing editor at TheBlaze, where he published 5,137 articles in three years. He has argued that the age of Trump conservative media, which Republicans fostered as a way to speak directly to their right-leaning audience, has come back to bite the establishment.

74. Mariana Atencio, Contribution Anchor, "Fusion" @marianaatencio — 26,069 Followers

Mariana Atencio is a Peabody Award-winning investigative journalist with a large social following on Twitter. She is also influential on Instagram. She is now the anchor at Fusion, a joint-venture built by Univision and ABC geared to champion a “young inclusive America."

75. Pete Dominick, host, "Stand Up! With Pete Dominick"

@PeteDominick — 25,658 Followers

Pete Dominick hosts politicos and journalists like Dan Rather on his weekly podcast. On "Stand Up! With Pete Dominick," he blends humor and media insights. He’s an agnostic atheist who tries to eschew political labels while also asking his audience to challenge him through discussion if he’s wrong.

76. Kristen Soltis Anderson, Columnist, Washington Examiner @KSoltisAnderson — 25,638 Followers

Kristen Soltis Anderson is a pollster columnist and podcast host with the Washington Examiner. She’s also the author of "The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up)." She founded Echelon Insights and has recently outlined why Trump fans should be listening to the polls.

77. Roger Simon, Chief Political Columnist, POLITICO @rogerlsimon — 25,307 Followers

Roger Simon is an award-winning journalist, columnist, editor and author who is so ingrained in Chicago’s politics he intends to be buried there for the sole purpose of continuing his political engagement. He worked as a White House correspondent during the Monica Lewinski scandal. His novel, "Show Time: The American Political Circus and the Race for the White House," became a New York Times best seller.

78. Jay Severin, Host, The Blaze Radio Network, "The Jay Severin Show" @Jay_Severin — 25,106 Followers

Jay Severin is a conservative talk radio host who broadcasts through Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Radio Network. Severin revels in controversy. In March of 2011, Severin lost his job as a host of WTKK after a series of off-color comments. You can find thousands of hours of radio with Severin, which TheBlaze describes as:

“ … a fresh irreverent take on political and culture issues of the moment without barriers and without fear.”

79. Jonathan Allen, Political Columnist, Roll Call @jonallendc — 24,111 Followers

Jonathan Allen has had an on-again, off-again relationship with political journalism and Roll Call. In 2010, Allen left POLITICO to work as a Democratic operative on Debbi Wasserman Schultz' campaign. Before that, he worked at Roll Call, where he was laid off.Blog Media Database__600x315

80. Stacy Washington, Host, "Stacy on the Right"

@stacyontheright — 22,970 Followers

Stacey Washington is the host of the "Stacy on the Right Show," broadcast every Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. out of St. Louis. She is also a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, TheBlaze, PBS, RT TV, Al Jazeera and HuffPost Live. Recently her comments about July’s police shootings in Baton Rouge went viral on Facebook.

81. Cam Edwards, Host, SIRIUS XM Radio, "Cam & Company" @CamEdwards — 20,964 Followers

Cam Edwards hosts "Cam & Company," a daily three-hour online radio program shared on The show focuses on the Second Amendment and related issues. A profile of Edwards in the L.A. Times portrayed his reasonably balanced approach to reporting news about the Second Amendment. He generally calls for decency in times of crisis or after a mass shooting, hoping that politicians on both sides of the aisle would stop cheapening these tragedies by immediately politicizing them.

82. Jackie Kucinich, Washington Bureau Chief, The Daily Beast @jfkucinich — 20,647 Followers

Jackie Kucinich is a former USA Today reporter. She also co-hosted The Washington Post’s political video show, "In-Play." She joined The Daily Beast in December 2014 as the online news organization’s senior political editor to help break more news. Kucinich is the daughter of former Democratic presidential nominee candidate Dennis Kucinich, who has been accused of democratic bias. The reporting of The Daily Beast has been critical of the Trump campaign and continues to be on the campaign’s reporting Blacklist.

83. Ken Rudin, Host, "Political Junkie" @kenrudin — 20,115 Followers

Ken Rudin brings his experience as a long-time political correspondent for NPR to his weekly podcast "Political Junkie." He connects national news to historical references from past elections in national, regional and local political contexts. Part of his program is a weekly Scuttlebutton challenge, inviting listeners to decipher a famous name or phrase generated from a series of campaign buttons.

84. Webster Tarpley, Host, World Crisis Radio @WebsterGTarpley — 20,060 Followers

Webster Tarpley is an author, critic and lecturer about American foreign policy. He firmly believes that the military industrial complex is the root cause of 9/11. Even with his more conspiratorial views, he doesn't go beyond issuing retractions based on new facts and common reason. For example, he published an apology and retraction for assertions made about Melania Trump in early August.

85. Glenn Kessler, Fact Checker Columnist, The Washington Post @GlennKesslerWP — 18,754 Followers

Glenn Kessler writes the Fact Checker column for The Washington Post, plying his trade by offering a Pinocchio score out of four on statements from both parties. Recently he gave four-full Pinocchios for comments tying Clinton aide Huma Abedin to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Abedin has lived in the United States for 23 years, working in the White House, the Senate and the State Department. Vague suggestions of suspicious-sounding connections to her parents don’t pass the laugh test, even at the flimsiest standard of guilt by association.”

86. Adam Radwanski, Politics Columnist, The Globe and Mail @aradwanski — 18,449 Followers

Adam Radwanski writes about both American and Canadian politics —with Canadian stories taking the backseat this year. Like many Canadian columnists, he’s been highly critical of Trump’s campaign but has claimed that Clinton has serious ethical liabilities.

87. John Kass, Political Columnist, Chicago Tribune @John_Kass — 17,134 Followers

John Kass is an award-winning columnist who translated his education as a film student at Columbia College in Chicago into an internship at Daily Calumet in 1980. His columns during this election season are equally critical of both parties.

88. William Saletan, National Correspondent, @saletan — 15,719 Followers

William Saletan is a writer for where he focuses on politics, science and technology. This election cycle, he has dedicated the vast majority of his essays to criticizing the Republican nominee, decrying his perceived authoritarian streak and his softness on Vladimir Putin. He is also the author of "Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War."

89. Thomas Edsall, Contributing Columnist, The New York Times @Edsall — 15,612 Followers

Thomas Edsall is the author of five books based on his long career covering American politics. For 25 years, he wrote for The Washington Post before becoming a New York Times online columnist in 2011 and a political journalism teacher at Columbia University in 2006. While he’s critical of both Clinton and Trump campaigns, he views the latter as the rise of despotism in America.

90. Nicole Sandler, Host, "Radio or Not"

With a 30-year career in radio under her belt, Nicole Sandler started her own podcast, livestream and blog, where she discusses corporate power, politics and her life. Currently, Sandler is on hiatus as she’s been diagnosed with lung cancer. She’s blogging about the experience and has a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for treatments. (Good luck with your battle, Nicole!)

@nicolesandler — 15,308 Followers

91. Carolyn Ryan, Senior Editor Politics, The New York Times @carolynryan — 15,226 Followers

In September 2015, Carolyn Ryan changed roles at The New York Times, stepping away from her position as its Washington Bureau Chief to focus entirely on developing political desks at the paper and the 2016 presidential race. Part of this work includes contributing to the paper’s video channels where she has outlined how women have grown into a political force over the past couple generations.

92. Jim Galloway, State Governments Reporter, Atlanta Journal-Constitution @politicalinsidr — 14,826 Followers

Jim Galloway has written in and about Atlanta for the past 35 years. He currently blogs about the 2016 election for the paper’s Political Insider blog.

93. Ray Long, Politics Blogger, Chicago Tribune Clout Street @RayLong — 14,200 Followers

The Chicago Tribune’s description of Long’s beat is too good not to quote in full:

“Ray Long covers the Greatest Beat on Planet Earth, the Illinois statehouse and political beat that Obama left for Washington and Ryan and Blagojevich left for prison. Before joining the Tribune in 1998, Long covered Chicago City Hall, Cook County courts and government, the state beat and federal courts for AP, the Peoria Journal Star and the Chicago Sun-Times. Hard edge. Daily crush. Investigation. He welcomes tips at”

94. Jigar Shah, Co-Host, "The Energy Gang" @JigarShahDC — 13,771 Followers

Shah and his co-hosts on "The Energy Gang" podcast discuss how America can produce sustainable energy. Their conversations mix the energy industry with policy.

95. Steve Sebelius, Political Columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

@stevesebelius — 12,164 Followers

Steve Sebelius writes a column on local, and sometimes national, politics three times a week. Sebelius has worked with the Las Vegas Review-Journal since 1999 and also shares his insights as a political analyst for Las Vegas News Now.

96. Norman Goldman, Host, "The Norman Goldman Show" @normangoldman — 11,526 Followers

Norman Goldman is a lawyer and a radio host. Before turning 12, both of Goldman’s parents had died and he consequently became a ward of the state. Today, he writes and broadcasts about inequality in American life.

97. Dan Walters, Columnist, The Sacramento Bee @waltersbee — 11,466 Followers

Dan Walters writes California’s only daily syndicated political column, focusing on California’s politics. He has been writing for The Sacremento Bee since 1981.

98. Tim Farley, Program Director, Sirius XM Radio, "P.O.T.U. S."

@morningbriefing — 11,440 Followers

Tim Farely is the host and program director for the SIRIUS XM Radio show, "P.O.T.U.S." The show bills itself as nonpartisan political radio. He was part of the 2008 election team and brings more than two decades of on-air radio and programming experience with him. Additionally, he is a daily contributor to CNN’s “Wake-Up with Ali Velshi."

99. Jimmy Williams, Host, "DecodeDC" @Jimmyspolitics — 10,733 Followers

Jimmy Williams joined the "DecodeDC" podcast in January 2016, but has worked in politics for the past 23 years as a lobbyist. He also worked for the 1992 Bush-Quayle campaign.

100. Kathie Obradovich, Political Columnist, Des Moines Register @kobradovich — 9,789 Followers

Kathie Obradovich has worked as a journalist in Iowa since the 1980s and has written as columnist for the Des Moines Register since 2009. Last year, she took the national stage, participating as a moderator in CBS’s Democratic debate held in November 2015.  

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