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Google Sidewiki – Decentralizing web authority

What happens when you let everyone have a voice on every page of the web?

Google SidewikiGoogle Sidewiki may be one of our first glimpses into the world of Web 3.0, where information will have context at the smallest level, and where authority of that information is decentralized and democratized.

Google Sidewiki is a browser plugin that allows anyone with a Google account to leave comments on any piece of information or page on the web (yes, even your pages).  Other users with Sidewiki can then view the comments that others have left.  Watch the quick introduction video below to learn all about it.

Google Sidewiki Video

Impact on PR/Marketing

For PR and Marketing professionals this means that we no longer fully own the content on our websites.  Is it a scary thought that anyone can now come to your website and write however they feel about your company without you being able to moderate in any way?  It should be.

Until now, all of the people who previously visited your site couldn’t leave a mark on it.  Now they can. And if Sidewiki takes off, future users may pay as much, if not more attention to people’s Sidewiki comments than to your site’s content.

The social media revolution has democratized the web and given everyone a voice.  And they have many places to voice their opinions.  But this is the first time those voices will be heard directly on your site, whether you like it or not.

It’s a little intimidating, isn’t it?  But Sidewiki, and the entire social media revolution has been leading up to the point where we no longer own our brand image, our clients and customers will.  And instead of fighting it, embrace it and realize that your clients’ and customers’ opinions shouldn’t be seen as a liability, but rather as an asset.

Focus on engaging clients.  Deliver what they need, when they need it.  Monitor social media to see where people are talking about your company and engage them there.  Show that you’re listening and people will appreciate it.  Create brand champions and those people will support you in social media as well as on your site with positive Sidewiki comments.

That scary Sidewiki may end up being your greatest brand testimonial.

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Brandon is the Director of Marketing at Cision US. In his role, Brandon leads Cision’s US marketing team and develops strategies for engaging marketing and PR professionals. He is a host of the popular Cision Webinar series, and blogs about everything from inbound/content marketing tactics to future trends in communication and technology on Cision Blog. Find him on Twitter @brandonchicago

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