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Key Messages are Key to Marketing and Sales Success

Building a brand from scratch is hard work, that’s for sure. One of the key elements to getting there is the development of a key message – when you disseminate the same message in different ways, you create a consistent prospect and customer perception of what you’re all about. That makes it easy for them to recognize you and keeps you perpetually top of mind.

You know what’s really interesting, and incredibly surprising? Smaller companies and sometimes, even really huge companies lack a consistent and concise key message. They don’t have what “those in the biz” call an “elevator pitch”—which is, basically, if you had 30 seconds in an elevator to tell someone what your company did, what you would tell them. Instead, companies tend to keep their message fluid and constantly changing without one consistent message stemming from the top exec or business owner saying, “Hey folks – this is what we do, why it’s important and how we are different from our competitors.”

So, how do you define your key message and the supporting arguments to competitively differentiate yourself in today’s crowded and loud marketplace?

Here are some ideas:

–          Create a corporate messaging document that defines your mission.

–          Standardize product and service descriptions with the associated benefits.

–          Select the words you use to describe the value you bring to your customers.

–          Define how you treat your customers and why service is important.

–          Circulate this messaging to all employees – with a special focus on sales, your “feet on the street,” so to speak.

–          Use it as a guide to draft all marketing collateral, Web copy and customer communications.

Just like anything, you hear something multiple times, and it “sticks.” You want who you are, what you’re about, the products, and, most importantly, the value you bring to your customers to “stick” in the market. This will help increase awareness of your company, drive more people to your site, and help you get your message across.

A consistent brand builds loyalty, so you can keep your customer retention numbers up and spur online customer advocates that spread the digital “word-of-mouth” through social media. And, that results in more site traffic, more leads and, in the end: revenue growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to develop messaging and a branding strategy that fuels growth, you should think about attending Thrive 2010: The Ins and Outs of Online Marketing. It’s an all-day online seminar focused on helping businesses boost growth by harnessing the power of the web. Speakers will be covering things like how to communicate with customers to strengthen loyalty, what communication channels work, how online press releases with the right messages drive traffic to your site and a whole bunch of other essential marketing tactics for differentiating yourself in the new age.

Consistent communication is essential to success – knowing the basics of how to do it- especially today- can be a bit complicated, but, I promise, there is a way!

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