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In the past week, I’ve read some really great blog posts that deserve a bigger shout out than the 140 character limit on Twitter or a spattering of links on Facebook. In writing this post, I’ve only just realized that the first three blogs on this list include the word “good” – which is purely a coincidence – but it must mean they’re good, right?

1. Four good examples of social media campaigns by Peter Kim. Peter runs down some of the best social media campaigns over the past year and explains why they worked. The post includes examples from Chatroulette, YouTube, Facebook and Foursquare. With everyone scrambling to figure out where to focus their social media efforts, this post showcases who did it best and in what social media venue. Favorite line: “Although I’m in the target demographic (I think), I will still never buy a minivan…but I can respect the execution.”

2.  Social Media is Good, Trust Me by Cynthia Boris. The headline alone made me chuckle because of its simplicity; however Boris’ message is important. The recent news of Facebook’s latest privacy breach means there might be some backlash against the entire social Web. Boris assures readers that social media isn’t the big mad monster hiding under everyone’s bed. Favorite line: “The point of all this prattle, is that to most folks, social media is one entity, so when Facebook gets caught with its hand in someone’s private pocket, we all get punished with a lack of trust.”

3. Are Exclusives a Good Idea? In a Word: No. by Paul Gillin. Expressing an opinion against the majority usually makes a compelling blog post and this one especially made me think. So often we hear the journalists want exclusives and getting the “scoop” is what separates the best journalists from the pack. But Gillin argues that although journalists care who gets the story first, no one else does.  Favorite line: “In general, though, exclusives make one friend at the expense of making a lot of enemies.”

4. Marketing with Social Media on a Shoestring: the Man with the Bacon Head by Robert Geller. One of the biggest dilemmas facing companies is how to devise a social media campaign on a very limited budget. Geller highlights how this tiny company’s initial success in social media translated into success with traditional media. Added points for enlightening me about a company that crafted a bust of Kevin Bacon entirely out of bacon. Favorite line: “If you think it is a joke, consider this:  the company has gone from a garage to being in 25% of grocers in three years.”

5. 3 More Critical SEO Mistakes You Are Making by  Brian Whalley. The Hubspot Blog is quickly climbing to the top of my favorites list because it regularly includes straightforward and actionable information. SEO is a hot topic but not everyone knows how it works. With so many blog posts telling you want to do, this one tells you what to avoid.  Favorite line: “When planning the page titles for your website, recall that your company’s name is probably your least important keyword.”

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