RT’s, #FF’s and Thumbs-Up’s: 12 Ways to Get Creative with Twitter Thanks

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Does the “thank you” lose its meaning when it’s jumbled up with everyone else’s? Perhaps. But saying thanks is still important and thankfully, there are also ways to be creative with thank you-s. There’s a bonus in doing so too: it keeps your Twitter stream at its peak with these not-so-obvious ways to thank others for mentioning you:

1- Check out their twitter profile and Tweet something interesting from their stream: social media is about sharing and if you found a post useful, share the wealth—maybe someone else will too. That’s good Twitter karma.

Thanks for the Retweet

2- Comment on their blog post: social media is also about engaging! If you enjoyed a post, let the person know. If you have something to dispute, have at it (nicely!). Knowledge and input are of value in the social media stratosphere.


3- Stumble their blog post: StumbleUpon is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites because your readers can stumble upon you and drive traffic quickly. Darren Rowse, “the guy behind Problogger” found StumbleUpon was among the most popular social bookmarking sites – and we think it’s also one of the easiest ways to find good content.


4- Link to their post from your blog: again, good karma! Sharing with others what you may find helpful is a two-way street and helps to establish relationships.


5- Do a short twitter recommendation for them: “@_____” has great info on….” –Do I need to say karma again?


6- Add them to a twitter list: if you keep the list public and name it creatively, others will find your list and follow that person too, based on their topics of interest. It’s a great way to archive your favorites, and allow others to find them easily through you. For example, Guy Kawasaki is on our list of top tier influencers.

Twitter List

7- Bonnie Landau concocted 30 different ways to say “thank you,” here.

8- Follow and interact. Ask them a question about themselves or their business. Compliment their webpage. Delve into their world for a few minutes—and engage!

9- Recommend them strongly in your #followfriday #FF tweet: And not just a list of names in succession – how about referencing a single persons Twitter handle and then adding a few words about why your followers should check that person out? Giving an explanation provides more impact and third-party validation (translation: credibility) instead of a standalone name.

10- DM a personal thank you—please, no auto DMs: the day of the auto DM is dead. It is easy nowadays to tell when a DM is automatically sent and frankly, may upset others that you haven’t taken the time to really engage with them, after they spent the time to follow you on Twitter.

11- Sometimes because of our online presence and consumer reviews, we get featured in blogs without even asking—as a reward sometimes, we send them a yummy Vocus cookie bouquet. What if you sent your most avid followers something thoughtful as a thank you? We did, and they Tweeted back at us with a photo, which we promptly posted to Facebook and Tweeted a link back!

Vocus Cookies

12- Tweet them a pic or a video, because if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a picture on twitter Is worth 1,444 characters, and a video on twitter should be worth 14,400 characters! (That’s a lot of value!) The creation above is a great example of an unconventional way of saying thanks, and we didn’t even have to ask for this twitpic. We truly appreciated the gesture and I’m sure your followers will too! No cam in hand? A quick shout – like the one AvantLink gave us in a blog post will suffice. Not only will it say thank you, but will also increase your SEO by linking to other sites.

What unconventional ways of saying “thank you” have you discovered? Share with us below!

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