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Creative Press Release Titles Get the Click Online

Click Online

Putting an angle on your news is a great way to make your story interesting to your target audience as well as to those who might not normally be interested in your news–here are a few examples of releases that incorporate intriguing titles in order to obtain a click from a reader:

Take Creepy Singles Out Of The Equation With ‘Plus One’
Who says singles are creepy? Blind dating and the single life can be innerving for some, but this new service aims to take the social awkwardness out of finding other singles. What makes people want to make the click? New York City is the “singles capital of the world” and having a “plus one” seems to make our lives a little less stressful. Announces its First Annual Lump of Coal Award Calling out the Naughtiest Person of 2010 – Vote on the Website
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Will Santa Claus reward you with presents or a lump of coal? Many children grow up with this Christmas myth but this press release brings it to life with a real-life lump of coal given to those voted as misbehavers. It’s a historical concept brought to modern life–genius, if I may say.

Kung Fu Rabbits Introduces Voice Texting for the iPhone
Imagining little sweet bunnies engaging in Kung Fu kicks made me laugh as soon as I came across this release, and I couldn’t help but click to see the method behind the madness. Turns out, Kung Fu Rabbits is a mobile app development company. I wonder if they came up with the intriguing name on purpose in order to encourage more clicks? Either way, it works.

itoiletstand for iPads, Tablets and Other Electronic Devices Coming in 2011
A toilet stand for your iPad? The words needed to describe my feelings about this invention escape me but it definitely made me click…who wouldn’t want to see how that contraption works?

Navigate the Cosmos through your iPhone with Starpicker
Vivid imagery in the title of this release entices the reader with a visual sneak-peek of the stars in outer space, something that could usually only be attained with a couple million dollars and a spacecraft. Oh wait, I can do it from my iPhone. Reveals Truth in Advertising
Introducing new concepts is often a great way to lure people to your page. What exactly is a FunkyBeast? A terrible smelling animal? A beast that can dance to disco music? Turns out, it’s just a regular guys perspective on content and effectiveness—you could say he’s pretty effective himself if he got you to click on his release just by reading the title.

Immortalize Your Valentine as a Piece of Art
It sounds a bit Twilight-vampire-esque but luckily it doesn’t involve any danger. This release features a service that turns a lover’s lip prints into art, and can even canvas the structure of your DNA in an artsy way. If that’s not an intriguing idea, I don’t know what is!

What press release titles have you seen that encouraged you to make the click? Did the titles above make you want to read more?

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