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Highlighting the Key Tips to Unlocking Social Media Success

For those of you interested in hearing more about our latest video and the tips to unlocking social media success we thought we would share the highlights. By following these golden rules of social media, companies will be well positioned for innovation and success.

1. Success requires being a social company at enterprise scale.

Social media as an ad hoc test, or departmental implementation, is not where big value results. Social media success requires being a social company at enterprise scale. Its true power lies in the ability to help you improve the performance of every customer touch. By committing to work together across departments you will improve short term and long term results.

2. It’s time to take risks and “fail fast forward.”

Speed, informed risk taking and opportunism just might uncover the path to competitive advantage that has been eluding you. Social media provides an “in the moment” opportunity that other channels are not designed to accommodate. The ability to learn, test, refine and continuously improve lets you be both first and best to market.

3. Know who matters and why?

It isn’t always the person with the most followers. It isn’t always the most vocal person in the crowd. Influence may be one of the biggest nuances to consider.  With Social Intelligence you’ll better understand the vital behaviors and characteristics of relevant influencers and be able to amplify your message through their efforts.

4. Social discourse is nothing if not honest.

The power of social conversation is that it is genuine. Social communities share what they think in unvarnished and uncensored terms. Be transparent and absolutely honest (no corporate speak). Problems can provide opportunities for “heroes in the making”

5. Analyze and optimize everything!

Social media allows you to analyze data, to test and refine. While social media is an “in the moment” channel, it is also a channel that lends itself to analysis and increasingly profitable results. Is there a word, or a phrase that resonates more effectively with your audience? Is there an offer that returns a better and faster response? Understand where social adds to the mix and optimize every channel you have.

Enterprises can no longer view social media as a “someday” pursuit or something simply to dabble in – instead, it is a critical business strategy to pursue right now. Also, check out our recent Webcast replay if this still leaves you with a taste for wanting more.  And let us know what you think.

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