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6 Tips on Leadership for PR Pros and Small Businesses

Terry Starbucker

This week’s #prwebchat guest is a glass-half-full kinda guy…and this kind of thinking is exactly what will help propel you and your business to the forefront of your field. We asked him questions about how to apply leadership philosophies to your PR strategy, what the best time management tools are, and how to set effective goals in order to gain influence and authority.

Terry Starbucker is Liz Strauss’ right-hand man and co-founder of SOB-con, the premier event for outstanding bloggers. He is most known for writing about leadership, personal development and social media on his blog and in his book, “Leadership From a Glass Half-Full: The 5 Lessons You Need to Learn Before You Jump Into the Pool.” Starbucker has been in the business world for over 28 years in various leadership positions.

SA: We are so crunched for time nowadays! What is a leader’s best time management tool?

TS: The best time tool is knowing the “value” of YOUR time – yes, there needs to be $$$ attached to it. I’ll explain… It’s “opportunity cost”- what is it “costing” you to do one less valuable task over another? For example, if you are a creative person, doing your own taxes versus creating something for a client. The point here: time is valuable. It’s better to hire someone to do taxes, to “free” your time. Make sense?

Time Management

SA: Why is effective goal setting for a small business so important? Why so overlooked?

TS: Writing our goals down is THE most important thing we can do. And I am an advocate of literally writing them down. And the more defined our goals, the better. If you want to be successful, you have to define what success is to you. Goal setting does that. We also need to define the “how” (e.g. “how will I be effective w/ clients”). And oh yes, once you define it, DO it!

Goal Setting

SA: What exactly makes a person or brand the authority or leader in their industry?

TS: The keys are engagement, building relationships, and fostering trust by your words AND actions. I know we throw around the word “authentic” a lot, but it’s really true. Humans are really good at spotting an imposter. And, it’s not a matter of becoming an “expert”. It’s OK not to know something. If you say you’re going to do something, and then do it, and then show that, consistently, your leadership will shine through.

SA: You said in a post that to be successful, you have to have the influence to implement strategies. How?

TS: Its one thing to have a great idea – the question is, how do you convince everyone else to hop on the train? A lot of it is a very personal effort of building trust, showing passion for what you believe, and yes, some sales savvy. Attitude is key too. If you can’t look someone straight in the eye & tell them “go this way”, they probably won’t go that way.

Influence and Authority

SA: Why is the simple concept of staying positive so important when in a leadership position?

TS: Followers “feed” on your attitude, the way you carry yourself, your tone.  I call it “professional will” (actually, stolen from Jim Collins in “Good to Great”). “We will find a way. I will lead you there.” There’s also one very bad word I intentionally keep out of my vocabulary: “CAN’T” – hate that word.

SA: How do you stay motivated to pursue leadership? It seems like a long road!

TS: It may be a long road, but its one heck of a rewarding one! You learn so much along the way, constantly– and you get so much back in return. As the song says, “You Get What You Give” And leadership is the best way to give of yourself that I know. It’s an honor, & a privilege, to make a difference for someone. I leave you with this: “If your actions inspire others 2 dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a leader” -John Q. Adams

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