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Social media and SEO are unrelated, right?  WRONG!  When you use social media to share your PRWeb news, you can earn the links that Google looks for to move your site higher up in the rankings.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

#1 Remember the 3:1 rule. We can’t forget our basic social media principals just because we want links. Social media is about building relationships and is a give-and-take.  For every piece of content you promote on a social platform, you should post three pieces of external, relevant content.  This way you’ll continue to develop relationships, earn trust and obtain links, while not losing followers… and credibility.

#2 Remember to use widgets. Here’s the reality: even if you’ve developed a sold relationship, people aren’t going to help you if it’s hard.  So make it easy! Use widgets on your site – they’ll give readers an obvious and convenient place to click to re-purpose and re-promote your story.

#3 Remember that “pitching links” is bad. No webmaster, community manager or blog owner wants a “recommendation” on what they should do with their space – it’s their space! If you pitch them to “suggest” that they should put your link with your perfect anchor text on their homepage – you’re going to get hung up on.   But social sharing is a way around it. It comes down to good content – if your release is relevant and worthwhile, it’ll travel across the Web, fetch you inbound links, improve your SEO and get you found.

Here are some more tips for making social media count on your next PRWeb news release.
Did I miss anything?  What SEO topic should I tackle next time?

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