6 Must Read PR and Marketing Posts

Wondering which posts you missed this week? Here are our favorites on PR, marketing, social media and customer service, in case you missed ’em.

10 Kickass Ways to Use Humor for Your Internet Marketing Success from Monkeydo Marketing
Despite the successes of humor in advertising, we don’t hear about implementing this strategy very much in internet marketing. If you’re not humorizing your blog or online business then you might be missing out on a load of unseen potential.

5 Questions to Keep Your Visitors from Bouncing from Sound Web Solutions
The first 5 seconds of a visitor’s experience on your website will most likely determine what they do next. If the user is not attracted or impressed, they will “bounce” and quickly leave your website – then visit your competitors instead. A bounce rate over 50% is potentially a problem – and an opportunity for improvement. Here are 5 key questions to help you diagnose why your bounce rate is high and how to keep your website visitors longer.

5 Monster Size Marketing Mistakes from Entrepreneurosaurus
Let’s get right to the monstrous meat of the marketing matter (bet ya can’t say THAT ten times real fast!). Monster Size Marketing Mistake #1: Throwing fistfuls of money into an unproven product or service.

5 Steps on How to Improve Your Social Customer Service from Marketing Times
Social support is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s business climate. It’s an opportunity to maintain engagement with the savvy “social media native.” and stay on top of potentially damaging chatter from those in category two. To ensure that you are successful, here are five tips and considerations that you need to think through before engaging in social support.

YouTube Videos as a Public Relations Marketing Tool from Small Business Marketing Tools
Video marketing channels on YouTube can be a powerful public relations marketing tool for large or small business promotions — Taking advantage of free video postings on YouTube should be a must-have component in every company’s marketing tool box. A video adds a dynamic element to company messages, helping public relations activities such as press releases come alive.

5 Really Easy Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media from Network Solutions
Using social media to engage with potential and current customers is all you hear about anymore. Doing it properly is not that hard—really! Just follow these five common-sense guidelines, and you can turn your social media networks into sales channels.

About Annemaria Nicholson

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Your content program is only as good as the stories you are telling. I engage and inspire audiences with interactive and multimedia projects that serve all areas of the funnel and have experience scaling content programs globally to drive brand awareness, leads and revenue for the business. I own our keyword strategy and non-technical SEO for the business.

I revolutionized Cision’s outbound promotion efforts to amplify its inbound lead generation results by creating a multichannel campaign strategy that promotes discoverability, search rank, audience awareness, credibility, and ultimately more topline revenue growth. I also helped with our rebrand and watched Cision go public in 2017.