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6 real reasons why you should pay attention to your blog and brand reputation

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Our latest #prwebchat on Twitter welcomed blogging and personal branding pro Erik Deckers chatting with us on the real reasons why we should blog. Even if you’re not a writer, we strongly believe that it is important to have some sort of blog on the Web. Just start small! Here’s a little bit about Erik–He’s the co-author of Branding Yourself, which has gotten praise from people like Jason Falls and Jay Baer. Erik is also a speaker at industry blogging and social media events.

1) Blog to keep consistency between online reputation and branding: Online reputation and branding is important. Think of yourself as a brand, just like a company. A company won’t do things outside its mission. Neither should you. This means, no inappropriate photos on Facebook, no angry rants, no meltdowns at friends or family. Basically, don’t put anything online you don’t want found on Google. Most unlikely stuff gets found by most unlikely people. Ultimately, your “brand” is your reputation. And what people perceive you as online will affect how they perceive you in real life.

2) Blogging for content creation versus content curation: If you have to choose, be a creator. Creators share their knowledge, curators assemble others. Having said that, a good curator can assemble information in a way that brings new ideas to light. Think of a good museum creator. They can create an exhibit that tells an amazing new story with old content. Still, the curator is putting together some amazing content that other people created.

3) Blogging for PR and marketing agencies looking to getting into branding through social media: Read books, attend seminars, and take classes. Make sure you know how to measure your own results and make adjustments. Next, don’t turn it over to junior staffers because “it’s for young people.” It’s not–experienced staff should manage it. This is where blogging is crucial. Facebook can remove your content if they want. Your blog is your own. Anyone who offers social media as a service needs to be good at it themselves, especially PR/marketing agencies. This is also where you can spend time with your client and their audience, which is important.

4) Three great reasons to have a corporate blog: 1) Google favors sites that update frequently. A blog lets you do that. 2) A blog lets you share new information quickly, without changing pages or involving a web designer. 3) Corporate blogs also help you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Corporate blogging has led to several opportunities for my company that a regular website never would have. SOMEONE will need you and Google search for your services. *Blogs help win search.*

5) Blogs can increase company profits: Write posts about problems your products solve. Link a Call To Action (CTA) to your order page to drive sales. Monitor traffic via analytics. Or write about problems in your industry. You’ll be seen as an expert, and more people will come to your site because they need to hire you. Measure traffic from post A to order page B. Count sales/conversions with Google Analytics.

6) The importance of Klout: Is it REALLY important? No. Kind of cool and fun? Absolutely. A good indicator of who the influencers are? You bet. Klout is the best indicator of how awesome you are on social media. For one thing, it can’t be gamed over a long period of time. It would take more energy to game Klout than it would to actually be a good social media citizen. Best practices will get you a high Klout score, and being an influencer has great benefits. Companies give perks to influencers, and some even gauge customer service response on Klout. Right or wrong, some companies have even based hiring decisions for social media positions on Klout scores. BUT ignore low Klout scores at your peril.

You can read more on blogging, personal branding and social media at Erik’s blog here.

Be sure to join us for the next #prwebchat on Twitter on Thursday, May 26th from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST.

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