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Lessons Yoga Can Teach Us for Practicing Social Media

While doing a little spring cleaning, I noticed the cover of a Yoga at Home (2010, Yoga Journal special publication). One of the featured sections advertised on the cover was “power up your practice” and the bullet points implied that one could “build strength, gain flexibility, and take it to the next level.”

Forgive me if this comes across as a bit esoteric, but I couldn’t resist thinking of the wise nuggets from yoga that are incredibly applicable to the business of social media!

Take the first point – build strength. In social media, as in yoga practice, strength doesn’t just refer to muscle mass or being a powerhouse.  It means knowing our company’s core values and aligning our actions to those values. It means building on the strengths we already have and developing those areas in which we are weak. Strength is about self-discipline and being grounded or centered in who we are.

In the second point, to gain flexibility is to up our game! Flexibility is about allowing ourselves to be open, to be vulnerable, and to relax into life. Flexibility can teach or be gained through humility and also opens us to a greater sense of gratitude.

Finally, the suggestion from the yoga magazine is that we take our practice to the next level. In corporate social media practice, this is when our actions are both strong and flexible. We are focused, yet open to the new and unexpected. The results begin to speak for themselves.

In the end, perhaps there is one other nugget from yoga, hinted at above, that can remind us of the path to evolving our corporate social media practice: we are continual students of life. So let’s let life teach us how to grow strong in our values and actions, how to be flexible, and how to power up our practice of using social media to connect with the world in meaningful ways.

Warm Regards,

Vicki Blair,

Director of Account Management

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