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5 Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Week (Yes, that’s a Zoolander reference!)

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The best blog post I read this week was PR/Agency People are Awesome on UnMarketing. We read so many stories on how PR folks do things wrong, it was refreshing to read how an agency did an “awesome” job.

PR/Agency People are Awesome via UnMarketing

“Note this post is about how ridiculously amazing I’ve been treated by a company, but fair disclosure, I got an awesome compensation package to be part of their campaign. Seriously, cash and ice cream. Cash. Ice cream. Ya, amazing.”

“There are countless blog posts online about how out of touch PR people are with trying to reach influential bloggers/social media types. From mass-emailed blind press releases to not understanding how social media really works.

I finally have a story that is the opposite.”

Don’t Be a Jerk and Other Social Media Do’s and Don’ts via Marketing Pilgrim

“PR people sometimes get a bad wrap as aggressive, yarn-spinners who are willing to do anything to get their client press. The truth is, most of these hard-working individuals spend their days riding that fine line between saying too much and saying too little. And at least once in their career (only once if they’re lucky), they’ll spend a hellatious week trying to repair the damage created by a bad decision or a slip of the lip.”

The hard part (one of them) via Seth Godin’s Blog

“A guy asked his friend, the writer David Foster Wallace,

‘Say, Dave, how’d y’get t’be so dang smart?’

His answer:

‘I did the reading.’

No one said the preparation part was fun, but yes, it’s important. I wonder why we believe we can skip it and still be so dang smart.”

Trust Me: Why Trust is Crucial for Business Success, and How to Build It via Social Media Today

“According to a recent presentation from HubSpot, ‘selling is 10X easier once you have established trust.’ Other than having something of value to offer, trust is the most essential element for business success. It removes psychological barriers and objections to buying, and makes people want to do business with you because they are comfortable.”

B2B Social Media Marketing is Essential via Marketing Conversation

“Glen Gow wrote an important article over at Achieve Marketing Leadership titled Why waste your money on B2B Social Media? that I am going to excerpt and share here. Like Glen, we at Abraham Harrison get some pushback when we pitch B2B PR agencies as well as corporations that do mostly B2B and channel sales.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog:

Is Apple Watching You? Silently?

“By now, most of you following tech news know that a week ago, researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden announced during a Where 2.0 conference their discovery that iPhones and 3G iPads are regularly recording the position of your device into a hidden file. These databases are regularly being restored across backups—even device migrations.”

5 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make

“If you’re just getting started blogging, or even if you’re a seasoned blogging pro, hopefully you’ll find these 5 common blogging SEO mistakes and solutions helpful.  This is part one of two blog posts about common SEO mistakes that bloggers make. The second part will come next week.”

Interview With Karen Freberg on Influencer Personality Traits, Part II

“Last week we introduced you to Karen Freberg and her scientific groundwork researching the personality traits of social media influencers. This week we would like to present some of her notions on what this research means: areas of future study, possible applications, and a little bit of her sense of the social media influencer in today’s environment.”

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