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PR News Roundup 6/27/11: 5 PR Blog Posts You May Have Missed

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It’s Monday so that means it’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web last week.


Secrets of Social Media You Learned in High School via Convince and Convert

“Everything you know about social media you probably learned in high school.

In full disclosure, a lot of our social media strategy flows out of the work we do with Jay Baer. He’s been great, taught me and our entire agency a ton about how to develop and deploy social media for our clients and own efforts to grow business. That said, much as we love our time with Jay, I’m always struck right after hanging up the phone, or at end of a webinar, just how simple this whole social media thing is. The hard part—like losing weight, quitting smoking, eating your fruits and veggies– is doing it and sticking with it with in a disciplined day-in and day-out way. But the real basics of how the ecosystem works— well, I learned (and you did too) back in high school.”

What Motivates Bloggers via Social Media Explorer

“If you’re a public relations or communications person who works with bloggers, you’ve probably figured out by now that every blogger is unique. Pitching bloggers is not the same as pitching traditional journalists, because every blogger is motivated differently, whereas journalists are generally motivated to write because they’re being paid to do so and with a (usually) clear editorial direction.”

Managing Unruly Clients via Spin Sucks

“What time is it? That’s right! It’sFacebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)!

This week’s question comes from Katie Fassl, the director of marketing and social media at KBK Communications, a company that does marketing, communication, and social media for medical manufacturers and distributors. In my opinion, there is no better firm for that line of work. Period.

This week Katie asks,

How do you manage a client who seems unmanageable? That is, someone who doesn’t approve materials or get you things so you can do your job and deliver on time.

I said, ‘Other than fire them?’

Yes, she is looking for an answer other than ‘fire them.’”

Lessons via Chris Brogan

“One thing I know: we never learn something until we’re ready to learn it.

I learn slower than others, believe it or not. I think the reason that it takes me a while to learn is that I learned at an early age to question the status quo and to question authority. Instead of just accepting what was, I’d have to believe it for myself. Parents know this experience well, don’t we? ‘Don’t move that or it will fall and break.’ Moments later: crash. That was me. That is me. I learn mostly at my own hands.”

‎5 Ways for Your B2B Video to Compete with Hollywood via Social Media B2B

“Doing B2B video? Congratulations. Your company is now in the entertainment business. Not only are you in the entertainment business, but you’re competing with professional directors like me, big companies like Time-Warner and the New York Times and CBS and Fox, and the millions of individuals who busily upload 48 hours of video every minute to YouTube.

You’re competing for attention — for the focused time to get your message across to a potential customer. It would be great if customers were sitting quietly in front of their laptops for your message to arrive, but they’re not. They’re drowning in the same tsunami of video that you are.

The good news about the video glut? People only have to watch the good stuff. They’ve learned how to ID a lame video in under 10 seconds and click it off. The bad news? Your customers have this skill too.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Hide & Hide: Google’s new Me on the Web section

“Last week, Google, with little fanfare, added a new feature to their user dashboard that collects a variety of tools and tips for users to control how they appear on the internet. The Me on the Web section, with its almost childishly simple title, is most definitely geared toward those who wish to disappear from the Web, or at least disappear those embarrassing photos or private cell phone numbers. It’s a deft move by Google that, while providing few new tools, showcases one of the few responses to internet security and identity concerns that put users at the helm of their own appearances.”

The Media industry gears up for the Holiday Gift Guide Season. You should too.

Each holiday season shoppers are on the hunt for the perfect gift, whether it’s for their quirky second cousin or their best friend who seems to have everything.  Consumers search websites and scan magazines’ Gift Guides for unique ideas. Magazines’ annual Holiday Gift Guide editions are the perfect opportunity for PR professionals to get their products noticed by eager buyers. Editorial staffs advise marketers to begin their media planning as early as possible, ideally in the summer months when magazine staffs are gearing up for the holiday season issues.”

Getting your videos noticed on YouTube

“Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world?  Or that over 48 hours of video content is uploaded to it every minute?  Or that only 30% of all the videos get 99% of the views on YouTube?

With all of that content being uploaded and less than a third of the videos making up nearly all of the YouTube views, how can you get your videos noticed?

I was at SES Toronto last week and sat in on a session with YouTube gurus Greg Jarboe (who I interviewed last year for The crossroads of PR, social media and SEO and Jonathan Allen from Search Engine Watch. They shared some great tips that PR pros and marketers alike can use to help get their YouTube content noticed.”

The evolving role of social media consultants: a chat with Mana Ionescu

“As organizations move from debating  whether to get involved with social media to a discussion about how to do it, the role of independent consultants in the social marketing space is evolving. With more consultants than ever offering to help businesses build relationships through blogs and social sites, I got a chance recently to chat with someone who has a proven track record of working with brands to create conversational presences on the social Web that further real-world objectives.

Mana Ionescu, founder of Lightspan Digital, will be presenting ‘Crowdsourcing the Brand – How to Get Social Media Buzz Through User-Generated Content’ at the @Midwest conference in Bloomington, IL on July 7. I will present ‘Assessing the Relevance of Social Media Metrics: an Approach to Goal-Oriented Measurement.’”

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