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How New Social Media Strategies Can Help You Grow Your Business

Measuring Business GrowthThis information is adapted and summarized from a recent webinar with Michael Stelzner over at Social Media Examiner. Check out their blog or follow them on Twitter for more awesome social media information.

Change occurs rapidly in today’s world. Industries are constantly advancing, ideas keep expanding, products are morphing, and customers move on. The rate of change in today’s world is unprecedented. Everything is perpetually in orbit. However, one thing has remained constant through all the change that has taken place: people.

Your main focus should be on people and their core desires. At their core, people all want the same things:

  • Great insight
  • Access to experts
  • Recognition
  • Want it all for free and before products and services

You can’t force the customer to go against their natural desires. Instead of treating people like fish and trying to lure and bait them into doing what you want, figure out what they want and develop your strategy around that.There are some things that all the marketing in the world can’t predict. Marketing can’t predict the next time people will buy. For example, a car company has no idea when you’re going to buy your next car so they saturate the market with advertisements. For every car sold, an automobile company spends $400 of advertising. That adds up to billions of dollars a year. Most businesses don’t have that kind of money to spend on advertising.

Focus Your Attention

Focusing a majority of your attention on people can rapidly grow your business. When you help people solve their smaller problems for free, a percentage of those people are going to look to you to solve their larger problems. Content has unlimited scalability.

Give Just to Give, Not to Get

Don’t expect anything in return when you do something for someone. True gifts make you valuable because they help establish trust with people. Here are some benefits of giving gifts:

  • Shows appreciation
  • Not earned
  • No strings attached
  • Reduces rejection

Elevate Yourself

The elevation principle is a great starting point to help determine if you’re sending the right messages over your social media outlets. The elevation principle formula is:

Great Content + Other People – Marketing Messages = Growth

Fueling Your Content

Great content inlcudes two types of fuel. Primary fuel includes “how to” articles, expert interviews, or case studies. Shine the spotlight on outside experts or successful peers for your primary fuels. Primary fuel is regularly produced content and has a 72 hour shelf life. People love to have the spotlight on them. They will lift you up in return.This helps establish trust as well. Nuclear content includes things such as contests and survey reports. Nuclear content is produced less frequently, but has a longer shelf life than primary fuel. Nuclear content is a great start to establishing your brand. Follow nuclear fuel with primary fuel.  It also gives your business exposure.

Subtracting your marketing messages means caging your marketing. Don’t hammer your customers with constant pitches. They will tune you out and your credibility and trust will be lost. Also, provide commercial free content. This is one of the most important parts of establishing trust with a customer. If they expect a commercial or pitch from you everytime they view your content, then you will lose them. It is important to ask the question: How can we help you? Rather than: How can you help us? The rule with marketing in the Elevation Principle is a drop or two of marketing for every gallon of content.

People are the most important part of your business. Trust is the most important aspect of the relationship. Also, using the Elevation Principle equation will help your business grow fast. Using the equation successfully will help you give people what they want and gain their trust in return. When you lift people up, they will lift you up.

Trey NewstedtThis post was authored by Trey Newstedt, our Vocus/PRWeb summer marketing intern. Trey is a rising Junior and a Strategic Communications major with a Business minor at Elon University. He has served as treasurer of Elon’s PRSSA chapter and was the youngest person to serve on the executive board. Trey is traveling abroad to London in the fall where he will embark on another PR internship. Let Trey know your thoughts on his post in the comments section below.

(Photo credit – Flickr Creative Commons: jkfid)

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