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5 Blog Posts You May Have Missed: Weekly PR News Roundup 6/20/11

Photo courtesy of Jose Javato via Flickr

It’s Monday so that means it’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web last week. Good stuff!

12 Marketing Lessons From the Cast of Glee via HubSpot Blog.

“Those of you who are fans of the hit TV show Glee know that the characters all have very big personalities that tend to set them apart from the others. But I’ll bet you never stopped to think that some of their character traits might actually make them pretty good marketers!”

1. Rachel’s got killer talent.

She has the skills to perform well, whether she’s on stage, in the classroom, or defending a point.

Marketing Takeaway: Be a marketing star! While almost anyone can learn to be a good marketer, some of the best marketers are the ones who have a natural skill for it.”

6 Ways to Guarantee Your PR Pitch to B2B Bloggers Will Be Deleted via Social Media B2B

“As a popular blog in the B2B space, get lots of pitches from PR firms about a variety of social media topics. Most of them get deleted without even getting read. It is a PR pro’s job to get coverage for their clients and many still don’t understand how to do that in the blog space. Based on some of the emails we receive, here are the fastest ways to guarantee that your pitch email will get deleted and you will not get the coverage you are looking to attain.”

The Bartender Economy via Spin Sucks

“Today I (Lisa Gerber) ramble from influence to bartending to staying out of trouble.

Last Friday. 5:45 am. I just read and commented on Danny Brown’s post about Marketing and the Emotional Connection. The airplane doors closed. I am on my way home to Idaho for the week.

I dutifully shut down my phone and opened my book. See? There is always something to keep my attention.

The flight attendants launched into their safety presentation as I continued to read. Except this time they won the competition for my attention. I watched. Not because of that Seinfeld episode. (You know, the one where Jerry thought they were going to crash and frantically asked for a refresher course?) No, I closed my book and looked up over the seat in front of me and watched this guy re-enact escaping the plane and running, banging his feet heavily and noisily on the floor, down the lighted aisle. Don’t ask me why, I thought it was hilarious. I watched him snap himself with the rubber band of the facemask and I laughed out loud.”

How Not to Pitch Anyone via Waxing Unlyrical

“You know that feeling when someone tells you they’ll give you something, you’re expecting it, and then they tell you they’ve changed their mind because you’re not worth it?

I think it’s called ‘being punched in the stomach,’ or something like it.

This is the exact email exchange between a PR “pro” who pitched me on a food-related product that took place beginning last week and culminating yesterday. I’ve removed identifying information (just using the pitcher’s initials) as well as information on the product itself.

And before I go into the exchange, I should tell you that this was the third or fourth time I’d been pitched on this particular company; I responded to one of the earlier pitches and never got a response.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

PR, journalism and computer science students come together on mobile technology

“I can safely say that a decade ago, as a college journalism student, I never came into contact with any computer science students. At the time, lugging a digital video camera to an interview seemed like roughly the extent to which the media professionals of the 21st century would make use of technology.

Obviously, a lot has changed since then.”

Happy Father’s Day: A Final Top 10 Dad Blog List and Q&A With Josh Becker of DadStreet

“For the final post in my Dad Blog Series, I’ve partnered with our team from Cision Navigator to bring you the list of Top 10 Dad Bloggers according to number of followers on Facebook. The team at the Navigator pulled a list of all our dad bloggers in our CisionPoint Media Intelligence Platform then sorted out the ones with Facebook pages and ranked according to number of followers.

About a month ago, I had the chance to ‘meet’ Josh Becker of DadStreet. While he did not make today’s list, he did rank in the top 5 for the Top 50 Dad Blogs List in my first post in this series. Josh took the time out of his busy schedule to offer advice for future bloggers, to discuss the evolution of the Dad Blog space as well as to answer some of my questions about his blog, DadStreet and some of the other blogs he contributes to. Happy Father’s Day to Josh and to all the rest of the dads out there!”

Conversation on PR’s Role in Reputation Management

“Yesterday we hosted Daniel Diermeier, author of Reputation Rules, as part of an AMEC webinar series. He’s a professor at the Kellogg School and a reputation consultant to top companies. The attendees were well fed by Dr. Diermeier’s insights and stories and those who missed it can listen to recording of the event.

Prior to the webinar he and I sat down for a good conversation that went beyond the scope we were able to cover in the broadcast. His target for Reputation Rules is clearly the C-suite and boardroom, something that came across in the reading. As such, he put my nose a little out of joint when I read in the opening that corporate reputation was too important to be left in the hands of specialists (which I read as ‘PR people’) – a point reiterated in multiple chapters. With my guard up, I thought he was dismissing or discounting the role of PR. I was wrong.”

New Measurement Priorities Drafted with Measurement Agenda, 2020

“Thought leaders in public relations and communications measurement drafted a set of new priorities during the Lisbon European Summit last week, dubbed the Measurement Agenda, 2020. The agenda builds upon the Barcelona Principles set forth in the Measurement Summit last year and coincides with Cision’s launch of Cision Global Analysts, which brings together international talent and experience to help meet the newly set out challenges in PR and communications measurement.”

5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Week

“The best blog post I read this week was Class of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School via Flowtown because it’s a creative way to show all the different social media sites, and how they even have their own stereotypes.”

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