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A Stop/Start/Continue Plan for Content, Search & Social Media

Whenever I am making major changes in my life or work, I always look at things in terms of a Stop/Start/Continue Plan:

1)      What do I need to stop doing that isn’t working? What do I need to change to be more successful?

2)      What do I need to start doing that I’m not doing now to have a more beneficial outcome?

3)      What am I currently doing well that I should continue to build on going forward?

I think this is a great way to look at all of the changes to search and social media to be effective in sharing our content online. Richard Edelman wrote a great post last week on his 6AM Blog that talked about Search as a PR Strategy and it got me thinking. What do we, as PR and Marketing Professionals, need to do to be more successful in getting our brands noticed?


There’s no easy way to communicate these days. With all of the changes in Search, Google is making it harder for PR and Marketing Professionals to get their stories seen. It’s no longer enough to just send out a press release on a traditional press release distribution services in hopes that they will get picked up on highly trafficked sites and get thousands of results on Google. With the recent Panda Updates, Google is making it harder and harder to get duplicate content shared on the web. So, we need to stop relying solely on these methods.


Search has continued to become more social over the past couple of years and I think it will only continue to become more so. With the launch of Google+ and the continued success of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I don’t see Social Search changing anytime soon. If you haven’t already started to build a following for your brand on these sites, what are you waiting for?

With the success of Panda Updates and the launch of Google+, the search engine is putting a flag in the sand and telling us that these changes are here to stay. So, we must find ways to make our content more sharable on the social media sites. Does your brand have a blog with a dedicated following? Do you have a full-time Social Media team that can monitor what is being said about your company online and building relationships with leaders within your industry on Twitter and LinkedIn? This is no longer optional. It is a requirement to be successful.


I know all of you are creating great content around your brand and you need to continue to do so.  Incorporate videos, infographics and images that compel your readers to share your content online. Continue to make your website a place that people want to visit and stick around for a bit. “Google’s analysis of perceived value to a user is becoming more critical than ever for search ranking. Bounce rates, click-through-rates and conversion all generate good marks from search engines. It means that you as a consumer found value. This leads to higher search rank…note that indexing is moving more towards social signals, reputation and credibility.” Continue to think outside of the box when it comes to your corporate website.

I’ve been in this industry for over a decade and this is the biggest shake up I’ve seen since the launch of Twitter.  I feel like I’ve been drinking out of a proverbial fire hose trying to keep up with all the changes in search and social media and I’m sure I will continue to feel that way for some time. I’ll keep sharing ideas (and good reading materials on this topic) and would love to hear from those of you who have further thoughts of how to use “Search as a PR Strategy”.

Please join my fellow blogger, Brandon Andersen, and myself for our Life of an SEO Press Release Webinar next Thursday, July 21st at 1PM CST where we will go over some basic search strategies and delve a bit more into this topic.

About Laurie Mahoney

Laurie Mahoney is the Director of Product Marketing at Cision. She is a regular contributor to Cision Blog mainly focusing on topics like content marketing, social media and SEO. Laurie is a Chicagoan now, but spent her earlier days in the South where she attended the University of Georgia. She has a weakness for good TV, sushi and anything that mentions “salted caramel” in the name. You can find her on Twitter @channermahoney.

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