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HOW TO: Create Effective Profiles (Using Wizard Mode)

You wanted a great social media monitoring and analytics tool and we’ve created Viralheat to do just that. But, like any technology, it can only do what you tell it to do. The most important step to getting accurate results is setting up your profiles, so let’s take a look at how to do this…

After logging in to your account, click on “Add a profile” in the top navigation bar.

This brings you to the “Add a Profile Wizard” page, where your first step will be to give your profile a name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you add a profile in either Wizard or Advanced Mode, you cannot switch back and forth between them. If you’d like to create the profile in Advanced Mode, simply click the link in the top right corner labeled, “Switch to advanced mode.” This option is NOT available in the edit mode — only when adding a profile — so keep this in mind when setting things up.

Now, we’ll get into the meat of creating a profile: entering search terms that Viralheat will scour social media for…

The first entry field is where you give your profile a name. This title is just to help you identify what the profile is searching for.

The second entry field titled, “Track one or more of these words (OR)” is an important one. This is where you enter the keywords and phrases you’d like to track. For example: your company name, its Twitter handle and its URL. This will search for any mentions of your company that include either its name, Twitter handle or links to your site.


  • Keep it simple and targeted. You may feel the urge to fill this search field with anything and everything you can think of pertaining to your brand… but don’t! By keeping your key terms and phrases targeted, you will get the most accurate results — without unnecessary clutter.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE*: A common error that users see is “Profile Error : Search terms in the OR and NOT box included must be between 3 to 140 characters.” If this message is being displayed, you have exceeded the limit of allowable keywords/characters. Currently in Wizard Mode the limit is 7 keywords in each of the OR and NOT fields — or a total of 140 characters. (In Advanced Mode, you may include as many keywords/exclusions as you’d like, but still have a 140 character total limit.)
    • *Also keep in mind that in Wizard Mode, we add in some characters with your terms in the back-end to make it readable for our algorithms. For example, if you are tracking apple iphone OR apple ipad, the system will modify it to read like the following: (apple ipad) | (apple ipod) — You can see that we’ve added 5 characters to your original term to make sure you get the best results.
  • You can enter simple keywords, phrases, URLs, Twitter handles, hashtags as search terms. In the wizard mode, you don’t have to manually add in the words “OR” or “AND” — we do that for you!
    • OR: If you want to search for mentions that include any of a number of keywords, you will put each term in it’s own bubble. In this case, it will search for mentions that have either X, Y OR Z.
      • Example: If you wanted to search for mentions that include “apple” OR “iphone” OR “ipad” your type sequence would be: apple [ENTER] iphone [ENTER] ipad [ENTER]. This will pull in any posts that include “apple” OR “iphone” OR “ipad.”
    • AND: If you want to search for mentions that include more than one keyword, simply type them in (separated by spaces) and press enter. This will put your words in a single bubble, meaning it will search for X AND Y.
      • Example: If you wanted to search for mentions that include “apple” AND “iphone” you would type in the sequence: apple iphone [ENTER]. This will only pull in posts that include both “apple” AND “iphone.”
      • Example: If you’re searching for Mercedes Benz mentions, you’ll want to keep the entire phrase in a single bubble: mercedes benz [ENTER]
    • Searches are not case-sensitive.

The next entry field, “Remove any mention of these unwanted words (NOTs),” is where you can include any keywords, phrases, etc. that you want to exclude from your search. This is helpful if you find that a certain keyword tends to bring in irrelevant results, you can help weed those mentions out here.


  • Not all profiles need to utilize the NOT field. However if you do, you will use the same AND and OR strategies as above.
  • Like we mentioned above, when using Wizard Mode you can include up to 7 keywords in each of the OR or NOT fields — up to a total of 140 characters.

The next entry field is an optional one, “Location,” and comes with a note of caution. This feature allows you to track mentions *that are geo-tagged* within a chosen radius of a specific city. This can be helpful if you’re tracking a targeted campaign, for example, that you’re running in the Bay Area. This field is a simple entry field — just type in your location and choose your radius (no [ENTER] necessary). The CAUTION with this filter is that the number of mentions posted that actually have a geo-tag attached is very, very low, so adding a location filter will significantly restrict your results. The low percentage is due to so few users enabling geo-tagging capabilities… Essentially, if users don’t choose to geo-tag their posts, there’s no way for us to track where the messages are coming from! By limiting results to only geo-tagged mentions within a radius of a specific city, you’re potentially excluding a huge number of relevant mentions.

“Email Reporting” is where you can customize your email preferences–whether you want to receive email reports individually per profile, or all together in a single email called a “Daily Digest.”

The “Sharing” section allows you to choose whether you want a ‘lite’ version of your profile data to be visible in Viralheat’s Social Trends. By allowing the sharing of your profile, you can easily share this lite version of your data with clients or colleagues, etc.

And there you have it…how to create an awesome profile in Wizard Mode. This step may seem complicated, but as long as you have a clear idea of what you’re searching for and make sure to keep each search focused and simple, your results will be as accurate as possible.

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Have you developed some best practices in your profile creation? We’d love you to share!

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