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PR News Roundup 7/25/11: 5 PR Blog Posts You May Have Missed

It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web last week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

8 Social Media Behaviors that Won’t Win You Customers via Conversation Agent

“Social media may not be optional moving forward, in the sense thatyour customers and buyers search online with increased frequency and want to find your brand where it’s convenient for them to browse, share, buy.

And as mobile technologies and networks get better, you need to be where all of those things are happening.

When this awareness is part of the processes and practices of a strong business, they end making it more resilient.

When they’re not, they become the reason why customer service in social is not fair.

Which is why, what, when, where, and how you do it makes a big difference.”

Why Suing Old Navy Is Bad News For Kim Kardashian via Waxing Unlyrical

“Ms. Kardashian is suing Old Navy because it aired an ad in February starring a model who, she claims, looks like her. You can see the ad here.

According to AdWeek, Kardashian is suing because, “Her intellectual property attorney Gary Hecker (says): ‘Kim Kardashian is immediately recognizable, and is known for her look and style. Her identity and persona are valuable. When her intellectual property rights are violated, she intends to enforce them.’”

While this is all ripe for comedy fodder, and there are a million jokes out there (my personal favorite was found in the comments of the ad on YouTube: “The next step is suing all women for having boobs.”), I’m going to attempt to discuss this in a serious manner.”

Social Media Fatigue via Spin Sucks

“Does it feel like it was JUST Facebook question of the week time?! Today is Thursday. Right??

Well, if I’m wrong and it’s not Thursday, surprise!

I’m coming to you from a hotel room. But last time I recorded from a hotel room my friend Damian Dayton very kindly suggested I place myself in front of a window.

I took his advice. Turns out I did something wrong because it’s super dark. I’ll try something different next time.”

6 Secrets That Will Bring Focus To Your Social Media via Social Fresh

“It was good fortune that got me into social media three and a half years ago. I was in the right meeting at the right time and I raised my hand to say,

“I’ll do it.”

I launched and now manage the Compassion International blog and am a student of social media relying heavily on several of the blogs nominated for the Social Fresh Top Corporate Blog awards.

When Compassion came in third in the awards, the only non-tech company represented and one of two non-profits represented among the 29 finalists, it was tremendous validation.

Now I’m sharing the six points which serve as social media gospel for me each day as I run all of Compassion’s social media efforts.”

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Generate leads From Twitter via HubSpot Blog

“The following is an excerpt from our new ebook, “How to Use Twitter for Business: An Introductory Guide” for 2011. Download it for free!

Social media marketing is often filled with useless metrics. As a marketer, the metrics that matter for any tactic are leads and customers. If social media marketing isn’t driving revenue, then it isn’t worth participating in. While it can be a valuable lead generation tool, it is sometimes difficult to start generating leads from Twitter. Use these five tactics for Twitter lead generation as a springboard to help launch a successful Twitter lead generation campaign.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Coiling the Long Tail: Why Google + Circles Is So Important, Theoretically

“One of my favorite aspects of Google + is a pretty simple one: I love watching the animation of my friends as they get wound around the Circle I’ve just dropped them into. At first I found it simply amusing, but the more I pulled my contacts from that boring grid and dropped them into my circles, the more the metaphor began to really sink in: I felt like I was twisting all these individuals into something stronger, something that could exhibit force, the way coiled copper can produce electricity—that I was really thinking about who my contacts were, what fields they were in, what relationships and interests defined who I am.”

My Mother is on Facebook

“Yes, my mother is on Facebook. Lucky for me, I’m no longer a teenager who’s embarrassed for the world to know who my mom is (remember when you asked your mom to drop you off down the block? Yeah, me too). I adore my mother and I think she’s the funniest, smartest, prettiest, most amazing woman I know and will ever have the privilege of knowing. Maybe it’s because I’m out of college and am in my late 20’s, but I don’t mind being friends with my mom on Facebook. There’s even a website, Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook, where you can post embarrassing or ridiculous Facebook status’ and messages that mom or dad wrote on your wall.”

The influencer debate: Who spots trends?

“When I first read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point (as I’m sure many of you have), I was obsessed with the idea that the rare qualities in the Connectors, the Mavens and the Salesmen (in Gladwell’s Law of the Few) could truly influence trends, help us to predict the future and, for PR pros and marketers, provide us with a one-stop-shop to get our message out to the masses. I’ve always thought of my brother, Dan “Sully” Sullivan, as one of these trend-predicting influencers: he was terrified of the impending Zombie Invasion a decade before the CDC’s site crashed; he gave me a copy of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black before it was ever released in the US; he had a LiveJournal before I owned my first PC.

Anecdotally, it all makes sense to me. I speak about influencers at industry conferences and events all the time. But, is there truly a magical, special group of set influencers that influence what we think, what we buy and how we behave?”

Rethinking the definition of media placement

“You get a mention in a national magazine.  You get a half page write-up in a local newspaper. You get your press release or website to rank #1 in search engines for a search term that thousands of people search on per month.  All of these are examples of media placement.

Here’s why.”

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