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PR News Roundup 8/5/11: 5 PR Blog Posts You May Have Missed

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It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web this week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

Old Version of Twitter To Be Killed Off This Week via Mashable

Twitter is finally retiring the old version of its social media service, nearly a year after the launch of New Twitter.

‘If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week,’ the company announced in a tweet.

Twitter has been warning users since the switch to New Twitter that the old version would eventually be put to rest. In June, the social media company made its warning more urgent. Twitter informed us at the time that a permanent switch was impending.

Will you miss the old version of Twitter, or is this change long overdue?”

The Button Color A/B Test: Red Beats Green via HubSpot Blog

“Button color is one of the longest standing debates in the world of conversion and optimization. Everyone seems to have their favorite color. At different times in the last two years, I’ve heard green, pink, red, orange, and even light blue as THE ONE COLOR that works best. Obviously, this can’t be the case.

Fortunately, button color is extremely easy to test. Back in the day, we ran a button color test on the home page of Performable’s website, and the results surprised us. Button color had a big effect on the overall conversion of the page.”

How to Kill Your Blog in 10 Easy Steps via Danny Brown 

“So you’re bored with blogging. You have other things to do – like eat, sleep, go out, work. You know – boring “real life” stuff. Besides, thinking about it, blogging is for computer nerds and failed writers.

Not to worry – help is at hand. Here are 10 ways to kill your blog. Let’s begin.”

Marketing on Google+ via PR Squared

“Even though there are 19 social networks that are bigger than Google+ and even though traffic to the new socnet is not exactly soaring, something tells me that this is The One, from Google; this won’t go the way of Google Buzz, or Orkut (big in Brazil!).  There has been enough positive traction for Larry Page & Co. to lay down their markers.

That means we need to take it seriously.  Let’s always remember, Google is the lead-dog in search; it owns YouTube (the second-most used search engine!); it is already connected to millions via Gmail, Google Reader, Google Places, Google Maps, etc.”

10 Tweetable Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers via Social Media B2B

“Twitter because it seems to be the easiest platform to jump right in without a plan. Let’s start twittering, the boss says. And the junior marketer complies.

With that in mind, this post offers 10 helpful tips for B2B marketers who are running the company Twitter account. If you are just starting out, these are good things to know. If you are an old hand at Twitter, there might be something here that is a good reminder. And just to keep things interesting, each one of these tips will be tweetable. Just copy and paste into your favorite Twitter client and update. Sharing these tips could be a good way to add some value your Twitter followers.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Trend Spotting: pitching data through infographics

“No doubt infographics are taking all the left sides of our brains by storm, offering truths, stories and even a great deal of entertainment in surprisingly new and innovative ways. It’s a medium that has been around since the dawn of publishing but seems to be getting a contemporary breath, with embedded pdfs, videos and some highly sophisticated interactive features surfacing like wildflowers all over the internet. It seems like just yesterday I was watching Hans Rosling give his TED talks, and now look where we are.”

Social Media Fatigue and  what to do about it

“Being the Social Media Community Manager, I’m on social all day…literally. I get to the office around 7:45am and leave between 4:45 and 5pm. I really don’t give myself a lunch, unless my co-workers force me out of my cubicle, because I’m afraid I’m going to miss some huge crisis or breaking news. I know it’ll be fine without me, but it’s hard to pull away. It’s natural to be fatigued from time to time. I had blogger’s block the other week, and after taking a break, came up with a post that has been re-tweeted 101 times so far! (I know, I’m a festival of awesome!)

So how do you prevent the fatigue that comes with trying to be plugged in 24/7?  This is what I’ve learned so far…”

Social media & gender: the impact of female-dominated usage

“Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of chatter about gender as it relates to Social Media usage. (Did you know there is actually a Wikipedia entry dedicated to this topic?)  It seems that gender usage varies pretty significantly across all of the major social networking sites.

Pew Research  Center’s Internet and American Life Social Network site recently sampled 2,255 American adults on their use of social networking services in the Fall of 2010.”

The long and short of long-form branded content

“It’s hard to argue that the social Web hasn’t shortened our collective attention span. We have grown accustomed to the 140-character input box. Conventional wisdom says blog posts should generally be no more than 300 words. Economic realities in traditional media dictate that there’s less space on the printed page. By all accounts, I should probably wrap up this post by the end of this sentence.

Are you still here?”

Introducing the Cision Influence Rating

“We’ve been talking about how to identify and engage influencers on CisionBlog for some time, and yesterday we announced a pretty exciting new feature to CisionPoint – the Cision Influence Rating. We’re excited about it.”

Community newspapers in North America have stabilized

“Digital campaigns and social Web interaction may grab the headlines in public relations trade media, but most PR pros I talk to still spend plenty of time and effort reaching out to community newspapers. So after a period of contraction that has reshaped the media industry, what’s the state of the community newspaper in 2011?”

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