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How to make your start-up explode (the good way)

Ryan Lee Cox PRWebEvery business wants to be the “next big thing.” But only you will have the tools to make that dream a reality after reading these six tips from marketing consultant and social entrepreneur Ryan Lee Cox:

You say your life + biz is all about the relationships you make. How can relationships make your biz

Ryan: You’re only as credible as the last 5 people that mentioned your name. Burning bridges and faking it is easy to point out. If you don’t believe in karma, try the opposite. Tip: send personal thank-you cards, after every meeting, even if it’s with a friend. I like to highlight something we talked about, and be sincere. The moral: relationships turn into referrals, opportunities, and more. It’s just as scientific as math. More good relationships = more good business.

What are some must have social media tools that new small biz owners should check out?

Ryan: Usability tools: TweetDeck, HootSuite, Google Analytics, Mentionmapp, StatPlanet, BackTweets, Qwerly, and Feedlooks. – My three big usage tools I suggest you try right now are Sumazi, Klout, and Evernote. Must-haves in your tool-kit: social mention monitors, an organized blog roll RSS, email client, active profile on social networks, and your own blog. Before you claim, tag, boast, and “explode” your web identity — figure out what the heck you NEED it to be, not WANT.

Other recommended tools include QR codes and Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

What are some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make that cause their start-up to fail?

Ryan: Blow their load too early. (I speak from experience, and I didn’t learn with my first mistake.) They think they’re the smartest guy in the room or on the web, and don’t ask for advice—which  don’t recommend. Find a mentor or two! It’s necessary. It’s smarter to ask for help then do it on your own. Don’t act like Apple when you’re not.

What is the most explosive start-up that you’ve seen, and how did they achieve that success?

Ryan: I hate to play “obvious big boy” answer, but I say Apple. If you have quality of substance, you rule your market. Slingshot SEO is another great example I’ve seen with my own eyes (@PapaSlingshot being the most vocal). These guys are wicked smart. The will out hustle anyone. Take a look at their presences online and you’ll see why.

Are there any great sites or people you go to online when you need advice or help with your startup
you can recommend?

Ryan: My advice here is going to surprise you: GO OFFLINE. The best advice and mentoring you can get is offline. I didn’t meet and learn from @chrisbaggott, @PapaSlingshot, @tbkopp, @werne, and @brewhouse online. And “offline” can still be done online. If there is someone you want to meet, email them and engage them. Setup a Skype call. It’s the webs “offline.”  You’re asking yourself, “Why would they want to connect with me?” My answer: Because you asked. It’s not rocket science. People innately want to help, it’s in our DNA.

What should we look at to measure our start-up success? Social media community? Sales?
Conversation? Or all of the above?

Ryan: A common mistake is measuring everything but sales. I don’t care about your community, followers, or klout score. If you aren’t making sales, moving product, signing clients – then (pardon my lang.) but what the F are you doing? At the end of the day, if you aren’t selling product or services, you aren’t doing anything. A community is great, but you NEED to ACTIVATE your community. Just because you’re making money doesn’t mean you’re being insincere or the community is unhappy.

Get more tips from Ryan Lee Cox by following him on Twitter and giving him a shout. These six tips were adapted from our most recent Twitter chat, #PRWebchat, which takes place every Thursday from 2-3pm EST. Join in on the conversation by following @PRWeb and hashtag #PRWebchat on TweetDeck, TweetChat or TweetGrid.

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