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Client Story #3: PitchEngine, the tool you didn’t know you needed

Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted Q&A with some of PitchEngine’s most loyal clients in hopes of showing our audience the ways that the social publishing tool can be used to showcase all types of branded content. I will continue to bring new interviews to you every Wednesday until we integrate PitchEngine into CisionPoint, our campaign managment software later this Fall. Stay tuned for more about this new service in October.

In the meantime, this week’s Q&A  is with Ian Anderson, Public Relations Director for Backbone Media. Backbone Media specializes in the active lifestyle marketplace. With offices in Carbondale, Colorado and Jackson, Wyoming, Backbone provides progressive PR, media planning and social media services to authentic brands like Eddie Bauer, Teva and Polartec.

Q. How long have you been using PitchEngine to promote your content?

A. We were one of the first agencies to use PitchEngine. We helped PE founder Jason Kinztler beta test early versions of the program in early 2008.

Q. What types of branded content have you put on PitchEngine?

A. We post almost all of our clients’ news releases on PitchEngine.

Q. Once you put your content on PitchEngine, what do you do to share/promote it?

A. We typically build media distribution lists in CisionPoint to share our PE news releases.

Q. What type of results have you seen from publishing your content on the site?

A. On many occasions, the content we post on PE goes viral, drawing views from both the media and the much larger consumer market. Often our PE content is repurposed and then shared on hundreds of blogs and online news sites.

Q. How do you measure the success of a pitch?

A. PE provides a simple, straightforward metric that tracks the number of views each release receives. But, we take a more holistic approach, tracking views to PE as well as media placements in online, print and broadcast channels.

Q. How has PitchEngine helped you to better promote your content?

A. Fundamentally, PE is a platform for us to share client news in a more interactive, engaging format. Rather than building news releases just for the media, we’re often crafting brand stories to reach a much broader consumer audience.

Q. How does PitchEngine’s effectiveness compare to the traditional methods of distribution you used in the past?

A. We used to send out press releases as email attachments. In today’s new media market, PE is a tool that delivers a more compelling, interactive experience for users, helping us to tell our clients’ stories more effectively and more broadly.

This post is the third in the series entitled “PitchEngine: The tool you didn’t know you needed”. The first post can be found here and the second here.

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