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Social Media Marketing and Content Creation Done Right

Jordan Benshea PRWebSocial media. Sure, it’s a fun way to find, create and share information, but are you doing it right? The point of social media marketing is to use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to get your information to your preferred audience in order to increase your credibility and the chances they will use your brand.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what Jordan Benshea, owner of SkyView Projects, founder of Sustainable Socially, brand developer, content creator and social media enthusiast had to say about the topic in our latest edition of #PRWebChat:

Changes in social media that affect how we reach our audience. Privacy concerns are rising and some audiences are more timid to engage with social media. Social media growth is allowing us to engage our audience versus speak at them—so remember to be consistent with your brand message.

Predictions for Google + vs. Facebook. Innately, people are more comfortable with what they know and Facebook , while always changing, offers that comfort. Social media is about relationships, therefore: whichever one makes the user feel most trusted in that realm will prevail. Google + will continue to gain traction. While Fackbook may decline, it has scale: two choices for consumers in social media. Allowing businesses to use Google + will affect the platform by offering greater opportunity for success when businesses can engage with their colleagues. One thing is for sure; competition sure benefits us social media geeks by providing platforms with competing features.

Making a PR or marketing campaign memorable. Making the connection between a need versus a want with any marketing  or PR campaign leaves the most impact. It’s all about creating the emotional tie between the brand and the audience, that’s where loyalists are born. It has to be relevant, engaging, and personal. Otherwise its overlooked… no matter the channel or delivery. Being empathetic to the tribe/audience thrusts your relevance to a new level, and well-told stories distributed across a number of channels also create memorable campaigns. It’s all about crafting a experience, not just “pushing” a message or agenda .

Making buyers connect with you on social media. The ability to instantly get a response from a brand they either love or hate and the connection of feeling they belong. Social media offers a direct conversation between the buyer and the provider, with even top brands like Zappos. Real-time response is important, and so is engaging in a way that shows you care about their business. Social Media offers the best customer service in many instances! Be sure to offer anything of intrinsic relevant value – typically discounts, but also topical information, limited time offers, deals, etc.

Great examples of cause marketing: Delivering Happiness does a brilliant job at turning an emotion into a movement for happiness. Charity: water brings great awareness to the need for clean water through their powerful and direct social media campaigns. The message is the match, the tinderbox of sympathetic emotions to the cause has to already be there. And have you seen the Sara McLaughlin commercials for the ASPCA?—those certainly tug the heartstrings.

How Mom & Pop stores can compete with big brands like WalMart: Highlight ways your personal service or family owned business drives up economy in the community: buying local is a big pro. Small stores can personalize contests and offers more than a large corporation and there is a real trend to shop local across the USA. Also, really spend the time to maximize your relationships, referrals are everything when growing a small business. Social media offers the opportunity to engage like big brands do through leveraging their customer network via social media.

Do you have any tips on social media marketing and content creation we might have missed? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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