Client Story #5: PitchEngine, the tool you didn’t know you needed

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For more than a month, we’ve been talking to you about PitchEngine’s social publishing tool and speaking with some of  their most devoted clients in hopes of showing our audience the ways that the PitchEngine can be used to showcase all types of announcements and the branded content that supports those announcements. Please stay tuned to tomorrow as we’re excited to launch the integration of PitchEngine into CisionPoint’s campaign management platform!

This week’s Q&A is with Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of The Buyer Group. The Buyer Group is an interactive PR agency with a special focus on social media and SEO focused PR Campaigns. Their clients include such companies as, Oppenheim Law, and Quintiq. Lisa publishes SocialPRScoops and is a regular speaker for Search Engine Strategies, PubCon Search and Social Marketing conferences on the subjects of Online PR and Social Media . Lisa is also a faculty member of the ClickZ Academy.



Q. How long have you been using PitchEngine to promote your content?

A. We’ve been putting up pitches for about 3 years, maybe longer.

Q. What types of branded content have you put on PitchEngine?

A. In addition to using a traditional press release distribution service or instead of using ‘the wire”, we use PitchEngine to make it easier to share our client’s news and the multimedia assets that we have available to support the story. Each client is different – some clients have visuals like photos or images. We really try to use any type of multimedia that is available. If a client doesn’t have imagery, we’ll typically use screenshots to bring the story to life.

Q. Once you put your content on PitchEngine, what do you do to share/promote it?

A. We use PitchEngine as an added way to post a social media release or create a social friendly newsroom for clients that do not have the luxury to build one on their own. We use social messaging to then promote the pitch.  Not every client is right for every social networking site so we try to customize our social media strategy and connect the dots based on the needs of that particular client.

Q. What type of results have you seen from publishing your content on the site?

A. We typically get more website visits from the pitch, better online visibility in Search – it’s like an SEO push, and it makes it easier for us to share info with reporters. It’s a win-win.

Q. How do you measure the success of a pitch?

A. We use Google Analytics and analytics from to see how many people came to the story and how much traffic (visits to the client’s website) we got as a result.

Q. How has PitchEngine helped you to better promote your content?

A. It’s given our client’s online visibility a boost by optimizing their message across several channels. It’s also helped to increase search results as branded keywords become a result in that search. We have Google alerts set up for all of our client’s keywords and if the pitches have popular keywords it helps us show up higher in search for that particular keyword.

Q. How does PitchEngine’s effectiveness compare to the traditional methods of distribution you used in the past?

A. It does not compare, it is something we do as addition to the campaign versus a replacement to traditional. It gives our client’s story social media traction that a traditional wire distribution can’t without an additional cost. You can have all these great digital assets in one place. The more digital assets you put on PitchEngine and the better you optimize your pitch, the better the results. To me, PitchEngine gives you all the power.

Q. Any other comments you’d like to add?

A. We also were early adapters to the PitchEngine’s newsroom app to bring client’s newsrooms to their Facebook fan pages. As soon as it was available, we incorporated it into our clients’ Facebook fan pages. Because, we were early adopters, it made our clients early adopters and and it allowed them to pioneer this type of engagement. I love that PitchEngine is always thinking ahead about what best practices should be from a PR standpoint.

This post is the fifth in the series entitled “PitchEngine: The tool you didn’t know you needed”. THe first four posts can be found under “Related Posts” below.

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