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Google+ 101 Q&A

Google+ QuestionBack in September we held our first Introduction to Google+ webinar.  Afterward, we answered a few of the great questions that we received.

Recently, we held another Introduction to Google+ webinar, and though we were still talking about the same platform, we were amazed at how much we had to change for the presentation a month after our first webinar.  We also received some great new questions that we wanted to answer here on the blog.

Q: What does Google+ do that Facebook can’t, besides video hangouts?

When Google+ launched in July, arguably its biggest differentiator was the introduction of Circles, which allowed you to share your posts with only select groups of people.  Since then, Facebook introduced Smart Lists, which is very similar to Circles, but it uses data that Facebook already has about people and automatically set up these lists for you; along with lists that you can create.

For each successful feature that Google or Facebook puts out, you can bet that the other will follow suit.  So what does Google+ have that Facebook doesn’t?

Google Apps.  Gmail.  Hangouts. 

The integration of Google Apps and Gmail in Google+ is already turning heads, and new functionality should be right around the corner when Google+ for business goes live.  As I mentioned here before, Google isn’t necessarily just targeting Facebook with Google+.  It has the potential to revolutionize the way we collaborate with others, which is an opportunity that Facebook can’t easily replicate.

Google Spark BBQ

Google+ Sparks moved to Google+ Search

Q: What happened to Sparks?

Sparks launched with Google+ and has since been integrated into Google+ search.  To add a new Spark, type in a topic in the Google+ search bar and search for it.  You will be given the option to view all results for that keyword, by people who have that topic associated with their profile, by posts or by Sparks.  Click “Save this search” to add that search to your Google+ page.

Sparks are a great way to get new information on a topic from people and sources on the web.

Q: When someone wants to follow you do you need to grant them authorization like Facebook, or do they just follow and are able to see everything you post publicly?

People can follow anyone they wish, similar to Twitter.  You don’t have to approve them.  However, they are only able to see what you post publicly, unless you put them in one of your circles.

Q: Does Google hangouts work internationally in any country as long as the other participant has a Google+ account?

Yes.  Bring on the international collaboration!


Do you have any questions about Google+?  Have you started using it?  Let us know in the comments below!


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