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PR News Roundup 10/07/11: 5 PR Blog posts You May Have Missed

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It’s time for my weekly round-up of the best blog posts I have seen around the web this week! Here’s the top five in no particular order…

13 Awesome Headlines for Business Blogging Success via HubSpot

Blog content gets shared across all types of social channels. So for a blog post, the headline is its call-to-action. The headline determines how your content will be shared and spread more than the content of the post itself.

Great headlines can take time. Personally, I’ve written dozens of headlines for an article before finally deciding on the one that made the final cut. To save you some time, we wanted to give you a jump-start on succeeding at this critical aspect of business blogging.

5 Tips to Find Your Best Audience on Social Media Platforms via Waxing UnLyrical

Guest post by Thursday Bram

A while back, my dad asked me if he should be on Twitter for his business, which involves liquidating furniture. I flat out told him no.

Not every audience is on Twitter. In fact, a lot of audiences aren’t on Twitter: based on a November 2010 study, the Pew Research Center estimates 8 percent of Americans use Twitter.

Every newsroom should be a social media newsroom via Holtz Communication + Technology

It must have been 1995 or so when my friend Charles Pizzo was on a train somewhere. Neither of our memories are able to retrieve the precise route of that train, but we do remember that Charles got off at a stop to use a pay phone to check in with his office.

At the time, he and his colleague were the principals of P.R. PR, and Charles was representing Bayou Steel in a labor situation.  Bayou Steel had just filed some kind of legal proceeding. Charles’s admin told him a reporter was looking for a copy of the filing to be delivered to him by courier. Charles had a copy with him and wouldn’t be able to send it until he’d arrived at his destination.

10 Chronic B2B Social Media Myths Busted via Social Media B2B

B2B marketers who are looking to start social media programs at their companies have to fight many battles. They fight the budget battle. They fight the resource battle. They fight the “but it’s free” battle. But the biggest battle is one of perception. Bosses, colleagues and even prospects have their own deep-seeded ideas about social media for B2B companies. Not only are many of their commonly-held beliefs wrong, but they are not even based in fact. The best way to describe them are as B2B social media myths.

And we are about to bust them!

Five Tools to Prep You for 2012 via Spin Sucks

It’s been said the last quarter of the year is like a second New Year for businesses (unless, of course, your fiscal isn’t on a calendar year).

What are you doing to take advantage of it?

Whatever your plans, taking advantage of some of the newest technology can help you.

Following are some examples of how five new technologies are being used…and how they can help you prep for 2012.

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

Paid, earned, owned media: An interview with Gini Dietrich

You’ve probably been hearing how social media is bringing about a change to the PR and marketing world. If you haven’t, then it’s a possibility that you’re living under a rock! Social media is affecting how PR and marketing agencies function on a daily basis and the definitions of paid, earned and owned media. The lines are becoming more and more blurred. I was able to talk with Gini Dietrich, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arment Dietrich Inc. and author of Spin Sucks, and she was kind enough to whip out her crystal ball and give us her insights on how social media is changing the paid, owned, earned media model.

Checking in to restaurants, local hot spots, and…the 5 o’clock news?

This is a guest post from Gina Goodman, Supervisor of Media Research at Cision. 

I’m a big fan of the local news. Everyday my fiancé and I fight over the remote when he wants to watch Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN, while I have to get my fix of Rob Elgas and Zoraida Sambolin on NBC 5 News Today in Chicago. Luckily he has to go to work first, so I win. Which is why a recent article about the social check-in site, GetGlue, piqued my interest.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, GetGlue is a social media site much like Foursquare, but instead of checking into a location, you check into whatever TV show or movie you’re watching, book you’re reading, or music you’re listening to, which is then shared with your friends. And now, if you live in Atlanta, you can check into your local WXIA-TV newscast.

Client Story #4: PitchEngine, the tool you didn’t know you needed

Over the last 4 weeks, We’ve posted Q&A with some of PitchEngine’s most loyal clients in hopes of showing our audience the ways that the social publishing tool can be used to showcase all types of branded content. I will continue to bring new interviews to you every Wednesday until we integrate PitchEngine into CisionPoint, our campaign managment software. Stay tuned for more about this new service later this month.

This week’s interview is with Natalie Mounier, Senior Account Director at Kirvin Doak Communications. Kirvin Doak Communications is one of the West Coast’s leading travel, hospitality and entertainment PR and marketing agencies. Based in Las Vegas, KDC works with some of the most celebrated brands in the industry including MGM Resorts International, BASE Entertainment, Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining and Cirque du Soleil, among many others.

Are likes and retweets more useful for PR measurement than traditional Web analytics?

Have you ever posted a Facebook update or tweet that you thought was sure to attract a bunch of Likes or retweets, only to watch it fall flat? You just thought that cat video was the funniest thing ever and yet, silence.

But that doesn’t mean no one saw it and smiled. Maybe someone brought it up in a conversation with you (the face-to-face kind) a few days later.

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